Makes You Wonder What Sort of People Would Vote to Send Such a Person to Congress

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I'm sorry, and this is surely bigoted, but my experience is that goats, and most often those who care for them, don't smell good.


Maybe that's why, when the gods needed meat, they were the first to burn. Followed, by cattle, and virgin daughters.

lol Mike! :)

Michelle Bachmann (a.k.a "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann), is so over-the-top nuts that I would suspect the voters of just wanting some comic relief in their politics...except that nutjobs in politics have such potential to do harm.  So, she's either there for the laughs, or there are a large number of seriously stupid, deluded voters in Minnesota.  Sad.

I suspect you may be right about the comic relief, but I agree with you about the downside, too. Then there are Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

The thing about Bachmann that scares me the most is that she's a dedicated Dominionist out of Oral Roberts Univ. Law School.  She really thinks the country needs to be completely fundamentalist Xian before Jeebus can come back.

I won't stay here for that!

No kidding. I, too, regard the Dominionists as (1) the most dangerous of all conservative Christians, (2) the looniest of all fundamentalist sects or groups, and (3) the greatest danger to democracy, akin to the Taliban. Their ideology is derived from the writings of one Rousas John Rushdoony, who interpreted the Revelations of John of Patmos as promising the return of Jesus and his having "dominion" over all things on earth during the final conflict with Satan. Just unbelievably insane! Texas Gov. Rick Perry believes in this nonsense, too. Many other pols.

Are they connected in any way at all with The Family Fellowship, or is that a separate bunch of loonies?

(I have not been happy with Hillary Clinton since October 2002 when she gave an impassioned plea in the Senate in favor of the mad rush to invade Iraq...for no good reason, but I was also appalled to learn that she had connections to The Family's prayer groups.  Even tho that outfit treats women like half-Muslims.)

I know the whole bunch are in it for the money but don't they have any self respect?

Geez! I had forgotten how much that picture terrifies me! It's like her eyes are shooting a ray of stupidity, and it's frying my brain!  (Actually, I feel that way about pretty much all Right-Wing Christian Conservatives.)

Lol, Emma,..

Emma, she's not looking at you, she's looking for her imaginary lover in the clouds.


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