Makes You Wonder What Sort of People Would Vote to Send Such a Person to Congress

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Yes, yes, yes, Pat, the gerrymandering is a huge problem. By clever manipulation of the boundary lines, our district went from a Democratic (and largely Hispanic) constituency to one characterized by inclusion of mostly Republican, mostly white, and largely rutal, upstate voters guaranteed to vote Republican. What we had was a piss poor Democratic rep without an original thought who had been there for decades but at least usualy voted with liberals, and what we have is a multi-millionaire son of oil interests who voted for the Ryan Budget the moment he got to D.C., Tea Potty all the way.

Pat, what, if anything, can a citizen do about it? Every one is sick of feeling like we're being screwed by our government but we're damn sure never kissed. I thought for a brief time that OWL might have an impact but we all know how that turned out. I'm tempted to not even bother voting again. Is there any hope left for the working person?

k.h. I wish I had a good answer. Congressional voting districts are set by those in power in the individual states. Illinois is a traditional Democratic state. But, that's because of Chicago and Cook County, not the downstate voters. Cook and the surrounding counties comprise 75% of the population, yet less than 15% of the land mass. And, in Illinois, if you want to see who is really in charge, it works like this:

1. Speaker of the State House - Michael Madigan
2. Mayor of Chicago - Rob Emmanuel 
3. President of the State Senate - John Cullerton
4. Governor - Pat Quinn

All 4 are Democrats, and of the 4, the vast majority of power are held by the top 2. The governor is slightly more than a figurehead.  These are the individual who control the drawing of the maps. Downstate legislators ocassionaly try to buck the system, but to little avail. There was a push, several years ago in Illinois to have an honest districting map. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 put a quick end to that shit. #4 at the time (Blagojevich), had his own problems with Federal prosecutors. 

One example from one State. Like I said, I wish I had a good answer. 

Isn't that Rahm Emmanuel?

You're right James. To paraphrase the Bard, "A political hack by any other name."

I sighed with relief when he left the employ of Barack Obama. He allowed attack after attack to go unaddressed, and say what you will about Karl Rove, George W. Bush had a firewall in that man.

Too bad there isn't a Democratic Karl Rove. 

I think.................   :> (

Well, I think you mean a Democratic Karl Rove without the fascist sentiments.


Yes.  And a better-looking one.  Rove has reminded me of Little Lulu's frind, Tubby from the git-go.

Ted, don't you mean Senator LINSIE GLAM, the senator with the brown nose (from sticking it up John McCain's arse).

Same guy, but I prefer to think of him as South Carolina's senator from Israel.



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