Makes You Wonder What Sort of People Would Vote to Send Such a Person to Congress

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Me too Emma!

totally off topic, and probably a bit of paranoia, but did anyone catch Justice Scalia's news this week about the likelihood of a SCOTUS authorizing internment camps?  in short, he pretty much guarantees it will happen again.  i would have liked to ask a follow up question - to whom?  

i guess that what scares me about the Tea Party movement and religious conservatives in general (the two groups largely overlap).  they don't look at atheists or even liberals like fellow Americans.  should they ever get total control is it extreme hyperbole to think that something like what Scalia predicts could happen to...gays...atheists...undocumented immigrants?  

another newsie bit from this week was the old woman at a Republican town hall who said the President should be executed.  the congressman (mostly) agreed, because...lawlessness or something.  it's become so bad it's actually news when Obama touches Louis Gohmert on the shoulder at that awful prayer breakfast even this morning.  as i was watching i thought to myself "oh my, he let the anti-Christ touch him, AND HE'S SMILING!"  it's enough to almost make you believe its an act.  if it is, it's too bad their constituents haven't caught on yet - it's driving them crazy.  

I hadn't heard about that Matt.  Nothing surprises me anymore!~ Mel

In 1984 or so Lyndon LaRouche suggested that, because of the AIDS panic, ALL homosexuals should be interred.  That's the reason that two older friends of mine don't want to marry, even though they've lived together for 45 years.  They are still scared.  I don't blame them.

I've been following that, Matt, and you hit it all right on the head. That thing with Louis was classic. Obama says "I don't watch TV" but he speaks nicely of Louis and puts his hand on him. What could the man do but smile and grin. He knew at that moment that Obama had humbled him and was saying to the whole world "I know what you have done."

It's news to the republicans when the potus breathes. I've always known most of the people in the bible belt are bigots, against pretty much everyone, but now the entire republican congress, are being asses about immigration laws. Wtf? As far as I know they aren't native americans so, again, wtf?
I must be the most puzzled liberal, atheist in the world.

Who would vote for candidates like Bachman?

Imagine the normal curve. There are about as many people at one end as there are at the other end.

I live hoping that the people in the middle outnumber the people at the ends.

At the last minute the christian always believes that he can call in the Holy Goat!

Looks like she's stoned! And THIS is the face of the Tea Party!? Let me go to hell now and escape all this.

She's looking for her imaginary friend in the sky....

Here's one for the Tea Party and the religious right.


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