Hello all,


Just wanted to let you all know about a film I've been working on for the better part of a year.

It's called Madman or Something Worse, and it's a critical examination of the ethics of Jesus of Nazareth.


It's out on the 25th of June, and the trailer can be seen here.





Peter Brietbart

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Personally,I don't think Jesus ever existed at all,but that's me.
Or he was the genius of himself. One concept puts forth the idea that he was a student of the Old Testament prophecies and shrewdly tailored his ministry to fulfill those same prophecies. Even to the extent that he engineered his own betrayal and crucifixion timed to the Passover knowing that the Romans would not invite trouble by leaving a Jew hanging on  the cross after sundown thus insuring that he would only have to survive a few hours on the cross before his compatriots took his apparently lifeless body down for speedy burial. One must also know that he was not as tradition tells us one of 3 crucified that day but one of about 600. Checking everyone's vital signs was probably not high on the Roman agenda. Keeping the peace however was.


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