Loony Tunes Dr. Ben Carson Says God May Tell Him to Run for President: Welcome to God's Own Party

The last guy who made a big thing out of talking to God was the guy who gave us eight years of mishandled natural disasters, unnecessary wars in the Mideast (do you know what the new embassy in Baghdad cost the taxpayers?), tax breaks for the super rich, insider trading with select corporations that did not have to bid contracts, well golly gosh Jesus I just can't go on and on about that Turd, George W. Bush. He only called his brain "Turd Blossom" because both Cheney and Rove privately referred to the chief executive as "Turd." God got George off drinking, and George never forgave himself. He hadn't the brains to be president, which is why the Cheney ran pretty much the whole show; Cheney, whose bonuses and CEO millions from Halliburton got put in a trust (we're told), yet who should get a lion's share of the privitization contracts to work in both Iraq and Afghanistan? Note, too, the lack of church-state separation in giving one of the contracts, for security, to an evangelical "Christian" that employed mercenaries and wound up killing innocent civilians because, you know, to quote Stubb from "Moby Dick," when the blood starts flowing, we can't stop." Leading to major suicide of American G.I.'s coming home, wondering, no doubt, what did the Wars accomplish other than more debt to China. This potential candidate proves that Rove cannot now stop the rising tide of turds that is the cesspool of anti-Democracy know as the God's Own Party.

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there's also the vacuum of leadership that has them desperate for a "savior".  hopefully they'll be waiting as long as Christians have been. 

It is the biggest idea that unites them right now but they also have their individual sacred cows, e.g., welfare, guns, prayer in schools, creationism, pro life, etc.  The latter will continue through all future elections.  Low income conservatives are shooting themselves in the foot to vote Republican.

here's audio of the Carson, Dawkins, Dennet debate:


around the 20 minute mark Carson tries to speak about evolution.

Carson sets up a simple-minded straw man in place of evolutionary theory—the notion that it is merely based on observed similarities in species—leaving aside the entire extensive trove of geological and geographical observations that fix the historical development. The fact that the ancestors of present day species occur earlier in the geological record is not of any significance to him, probably because he believes it was all created over six days.

Oh no - just what we need The God Party!


Isn't the Republican Party already the god-party? ;)

Has been since about 1980, seems to me.

Maybe so, Brandi, but a friend of mine, a retired V.A. doctor who specialized in gerontology, told me that surgeons are "the dumbest doctors in the business."

Never heard of this guy

Pardon my french, but I am SO goddamn tired of these stupid fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


James?  Do you mean me?  Swearing or being sick of these dumbasses?  I know we ALL are so sick of them!


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