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Living in a predominantly religious area and contemplating moving.

I'm seriously considering leaving central Illinois. There are a few atheists here, and while I feel obligated to find or convert more here in Springfield, like some kind of atheist missionary, most of these people are not only unreachable, they dominate the public and private sectors of the economy and have no tolerance for atheists.

What is the most predominantly atheist or predominantly progressive place to live in the U.S. where I can move and finally earn a decent living?

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Regarding the OP question in particular:

"polls have shown that public opinion in the United Kingdom generally tends towards a suspicion or outright disapproval of radical or evangelical religiosity, though moderate groups and individuals are rarely subject to injurious treatment."



In particular, look at the statistics and you will see overrun is hardly the case.


As the OP wanted a non-religious vibe/atmosphere... :)







I don't think you can escape the fundies, no matter where you go.  I though growing up in Utah was bad, so went to school in AZ.  Ended back in Utah for first 5 years of my career, and was convinced that it was still a bad place for my family.  Ended up in Texas and discovered that it is just as bad about it-- maybe worse.  I think it is more important to be near family and close friends.  Communities like this one let you connect to the more diverse community. 


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