Even excommunication doesn't kick you out. It just restricts what you can do. I'm pissed they can still include me in their followers count. (I wonder what the lapsed catholic count really is?) Sucks I had no say in it when I was splashed with magic water at the ripe old age of 6 days.

Of course the irony is if you bug them to take you off their rolls, you're actually legitimizing that it really matters. Damn friggin' Catholic religion...

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Tell em you're a gay abortion doctor, theyll figure out a way to get you off their list.
And take one of their magic wafers,break it in half ,drop it on the floor and grind it with your show. That will rile them.
This made me laugh out loud. How about a gay abortion doctor that owns a condom company.
Actually, they say this in the southern baptist circles as well. Too them I will always simply be a backsliding christian.
Just trying to make their numbers look bigger than they actually are.
I mentioned this before but ....

I gave the eulogy at my mother's funeral eight months ago. It was in a Fransican cathedral (straight out of World of Warcraft). When it came time for communion, the priest kept beckoning me up (even though I solemnly shook my head 'no' repeatedly.) I really started to get pissed. After all, I was trying respect THEIR protocols.

Strangely, my eulogy, devoid of any religious references - that focused on shared experience, memories, all the great art and literature she exposed me to, the curiosity she had and fostered in everyone she hung out with - was a such a 'moving tribute' to my more Catholic than the Pope mother that her prayer circle friends insisted on having a copy.

Even more strange, perhaps, was the fact that my VERY Catholic mother NEVER condemned me for my lack of belief. Not once.
One thing I didn't mention in my blog on my uncle's funeral is one of the priests knew my mother and her family when they were all young. At the wake the night before, my mother introduced me to him. He definitely assumed correctly I was baptized catholic.

Since I'm much taller than most of my family, he could see I wasn't into praying at all at the funeral. He just kept staring at me. (And I back at him.) When I skipped communion, I thought he was trying to burn a hole through me with his eyes. At the burial, when he asked everyone to bow their heads and recite the Our Father, he just glared at me as I didn't bow or say a word. I wanted to just give him the finger, but it wasn't the time or the place.
Sucks I had no say in it when I was splashed with magic water at the ripe old age of 6 days.

Guess they're too afraid for you to make the wrong choice - pick wine in lieu of water and become an Alcoholic instead of a Catholic.
I guess that would make alcoholic, pedophile priests pedoalcocathoholics.
Sue them! Make a case out of it.

Actually, it does matter. The polls are based on what these people claim - more numbers makes them look more powerful than they are.

And, if you do sue (what a great case) keep us posted...
The Catholic Church has enough problems paying out buggery claims. What lawyer is going to sue them over this? It's hard to show I've had pain and suffering over still being considered a catholic.

It might be easier to start an ex-Catholic registry that people sign so a running total could be kept track of. But don't look at me to start that either.


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