Lets Discuss various Reasons why GOD does not Exist ........

First is I think God is something that man imagined to answer various questions which he could not reason out and also to create order in society ..Because u tell a person don't do that he may not listen but if u tell him God will punish him if he does that he surely no gonna do it.. What do u Say ?/?

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I would say you are exactly correct. The Bible says we are created in the image of god. Are we to believe that a being 6 foot tall created the universe as we can now see it and know it? Maybe we should turn that around to say that god was created in the image of man. This last idea makes more sense, and it had to be that way from the beginning for man to even start to understand. Otherwise, man could have no concept of god.

It is for the above reasons that we say "god is imaginary." The Bible is just one big book made up of 66 smaller books (more if you are Catholic) and none of the books speak of the same subjects. They were never intended to do so. There is no "continuous narative" here from any imaginary start to an imaginary ending. They voted on which books would be allowed, and the Bible no more proves the existence of god any more than a comic book!

Of course, light bearer, we should not tell the christians that. Maybe this is the whole problem. Deep down they know it but do not want to admit it.

That's probably one of the several hundred reasons for this ongoing dysfunction.

lack of evidence.  kinda ends the discussion but that's really what it comes down to. 

But I'm told I just lack imagination. Umm...ok then.

Miracles and other amazing and astounding claims attributed to god; walking on water, raising the death, parting the sea, etc... Space aliens and Time Travelers could accomplish the same miracles. There is nothing all that amazing that is attributed to god that cannot be explained by rational thought. Barring rational thought space aliens and time travelers have the same merit as some omnipotent god creator.

Evidence for space aliens and time travelers is about the same as any evidence of a god. If space aliens were around and they started our race millenia ago, we still have no evidence. If time travel was possible I would be one rich mo fo today!

"What if" causes us to think and it stimulates the immagination, but mostly just creates books, movies, and television fodder. You have to have logical evidence.

So many variants of "God" are a `strong indicator that they are human made-up conceptions. One must be specific about the nature of any god, before one can examine its supposed attributes, and determine whether or not they are logical and coherent.

Atheist philosophers have examined the common conceptions of "God' and found them to be just that illogical, incoherent etc. Read books by Michael Martin, (and co-authors), for a rigorous treatment of this.

"Africa"... because there's never going to be a god besides profit from the elements in the ground there.. and the people need a break too. TX too


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