I guess this means Nicholas Cage is pandering to christian loonies.

Friendly Atheist suggested this will be so bad, it will debut on the shelves of Walmart. I don't think there are enough True Christians™ that we would even notice if Yahweh took them all to heaven.  People who claim to be christian are picking and choosing, and god doesn't like that either.  They'll all be left behind, wallowing in their self righteous narcissism.

I would rather rewatch the original Poseidon Adventure.

Shelly Winters! Earnest Borgnine! Gene Hackman! Lesley Nielsen! There is also a subplot about a disillusioned minister.

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This is true, Luara. The whole idea in a movie of this type is that you have to accept Jesus or be left behind. Scripture does not support the concept but apologists and believers love it. Translation is that the world is going to hell today, and Jesus didn't come for us 2000 years ago. We had the timing wrong. He's coming again for us SOON. This is what they thought at time of his death. Now we have to assume that belivers are special and you are not.

Isn't it lovely? Believers get ice cream. You get nothing.

Just another way to pick the pockets of the true believers. As to Nicholas Cage, I think his motive is the same as Judas Iscariot. Maybe they both just needed the money.

Looking at the few lines they have Cage saying in the trailer, I wonder if dementia has set in.  He looks lost.  Even so, he needs to be able to support himself.

If you want Nick Cage to look lost, check out Raising Arizona!

One of the better efforts of the Coen brothers.

Trust me, Coppola needs the money. This guy bought property all over the world and ended up in trouble with the IRS, having to sell a lot of his stuff to pay them off. Big spender here. I don't think that he's at all religious, but a buck is a buck. He once had a wisdom tooth pulled with zero painkillers, saying the experience would help him with his acting. He was also married to Presley's daughter for a short time, and he wanted to play Presley in a movie. I like a lot of this off beat actor's films, but he even wanted to play Superman in a movie once. LOL  He spends big and dreams big!

Sounds like utopia to me! All religious yo-yos disappear at once!? I'm praying to my milk carton night and day.


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