Just had one of those days where I didn't feel like even getting out of bed. So I thought about faking sick to go home from school. Got to school, and ended up sick for real. They wouldn't even allow me to go to the classroom, and sent me home.
Oh, the irony.

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No such thing as karma, but that IS ironic!  Feel better soon!

Thanks! Hopefully I'm going back tomorrow. I can't afford to miss anymore days. Especially with the English teacher I have. She thinks I'm Satan's Mistress because I don't believe in her Christian nonsense and I wanted Obama to win. And she has yet to give me my makeup work from 3 weeks ago.

Stormi, that is terrible of your teacher!  Is there someone you can report her to?  Also YAY OBAMA!!!!!! ~ Melinda

My mom is ready to call on her. I've been in advanced everything since elementary school, and I've never made C's in English until I had this teacher.

Good for your Mom!  That idiot teacher probably knows you're smarter than she is and can't handle that. :)

She's mad cause I rolled my eyes and chuckled when she tried to tell us that Jesus was the only perfect person on the planet and is holding a grudge (:

ha ha ha good for you!  She is a moron, and has no business even saying that if you are in a public school.  She does know you're smarter.  Also, some xtian she is following her jesus' example, right?

Haha seriously, setting a fine example of how Christians "don't judge or hold a grudge". Just perfect. Claps for her.(;
Get well soon!
Thank you!! :)


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