I got a Jury Duty summons and I have to go on Monday.

How do Atheists handle the swearing in?

Can you ask for a secular swearing?

And what about the "so help me god" part?

Anyone know anything about this?

Anyone serve on a jury and have some advise.

Well - I got another Jury Duty summons .....

I was chosen for this Jury service and I served and found a verdict with the other 12.

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This is the due process of declaration and affirmation [not swearing, per se] required by the British Oaths Act of 1978:

6 . 4 (1 ) Every person upon objecting to being sworn, and stating, as the ground of such objection, either that he has no religious belief, or that the taking of an oath is contrary to his religious belief, shall be permitted to make his solemn affirmation, instead of taking an oath, in all places and for all purposes where an oath is or shall be required by law, which affirmation shall be of the same force and effect as if he had taken the oath.

(2) Every such affirmation shall be as follows-
“I do solemnly, sincerely and truly, declare and affirm”,

and then proceed with the words of the oath prescribed by law, omitting any words of imprecation or calling to witness. 

Thanks again Dr. Meaden

Well I did my duty - I served on a Criminal Jury trial for a week. It was a learning experience.

I made it back.

Glad you're done Steph.  Like you said, at least it was a learning experience!

Most courts allow you to "affirm"—that is, to essentially promise rather than swear an oath. These provisions are there because certain religious groups (Jehovah's Witnesses) do not take oaths.

Believe it or not even the President on assuming office can affirm according to the Constitution.


Thanks for this citation, I enjoyed reading it. 

Glad you were there to contribute a rational viewpoint!

I ask for a law book and was accommodated, no questions asked. My response was "I swear to tell the truth." 


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