I got a Jury Duty summons and I have to go on Monday.

How do Atheists handle the swearing in?

Can you ask for a secular swearing?

And what about the "so help me god" part?

Anyone know anything about this?

Anyone serve on a jury and have some advise.

Well - I got another Jury Duty summons .....

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Tell them point blank: I don't believe in any god, nor will I swear by any god.  Don't like it?  LUMP IT!

So who do I tell exactly? I'm not sure how it works. Appreciate it.

It might get you out of duty, HA!

Oh boy, it's been a long time, but I seem to remember an alternative that didn't involve a bible, swearing or god.  I imagine that it varies locally.  Hey, it might be enough to get you out of jury duty in some places (North Carolina comes to mind).



Strange, I've done Jury Duty twice without  even having to swear in.  Just stated I'm not a believer and the officer just let me in.  No questions asked, though I was not alone, several others also did the same.

Some of the early presidents were sworn in on a book of laws. I imagine that one could be sworn in on the constitution.

 I swear by the Constitution of the USA.  Is what I would say??? I swear by no fancies!!! 

I've served in Los Angeles three times in the last six years and I honestly don't recall a reference to god in the swearing in. No "so help me god", No bibles....good luck!

Well I hope I get that too.

Thank you very much DHK! I love Star Wars. : )

Hey Steph!  When I told you I have Jury Duty also next week and for the first time, I never thought of this! I'm glad you brought it up!  We will have to compare notes!~ Melinda

Steph & Melinda.  There is NO requirement that when taking an oath, or being sworn in as witness or juror, that anyone has to swear to god.  You can request an affirmation. The whole point of taking an oath is to impress upon the person the severity of consequences should they lie.

I once was sworn in to testify in front of a tribunal of the Illinois Supreme Court. The Clerk asked if I swore to god, which I promptly answered "No." Dead silence in the room. I then told the Clerk I won't swear to any gods, but would solemnly affirm to tell the truth. In fact, based on my first answer, I just did.


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