Not sure where else to put this, so...


Since I tend to have knee-jerk reactions, I won't post my thoughts about this right now, except to say I'm mad... and disappointed. I think Jon utterly and completely missed the point... in fact, it's almost as if he misses the point intentionally.

But that's just me...


Culture War Update - The Dividening of America - American Atheists ...


(If you can't see it, I don't know how to help you. I don't know how to download video clips from the Daily Show website. If I did, I'd put this on YouTube. If you know, please... tell me...)

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Best teacher...ever.
I would actually be interested in sitting in on his Sunday School class just for the hah. The kids must love him... though I wonder how aware they aware of his late-night, Monday - Thursday comedy pundit program.

That's so disappointing.


What are you talking about? Listen, I'm not as intolerant towards religion/anti-theist like some of you are. If I had him as my Sunday school teacher growing up (especially with how lax they are in North Jersey-trust me, there is only like 2 or 3 kids per class that actually give a crap about being there), it would be fricking awesome. Sorry he doesn't fit to your ideal you may have for him.
Wha? LOL.  Sorry my ideal I have for him doesn't fit what you think it should.  Have a nice night! :p
Oy vey, I didn't say it should fit my ideal either nor did I say yours should fit mine-but thanks for putting words in my mouth. Granted that last sentence may have not been necessary; however, at least understand it correctly.

Reply to Derp:

   Your reply was a bunch of self-righteous shit.  You are more tolerant than many of us here? Well Goody-Goody Gumdrops for you. You are also only 21 and have a LOT to learn in life. And Oy Vey?   I am of jewish heritage and you are a schmuck.  Please don't 'talk' to me on this forum again, life has too many IRL irritants to have to deal with a stranger also. Do you understand this correctly ?


To anyone else out there, is there a way to ignore someone on AtheistNexus?


May I ask why?

No. :)

I think I'm siding with Stewart on this one. The beams found are a part of history of that eventful day and to me Silverman's statement was lacking tact. To exclude because a few people relvte it religiously is kinda weird to me. It's a part of history and it belongs in the museum.


Stewart I feel may have not been telling the whole story behind the lawsuit but he is a comedian. I think the main point he was trying to get across is that he thinks this lawsuit, or the way it is being handled, is just kinda silly. Just my 2cents.

Yeah, that's the word, that's what he's lacking alright - tact. Yeah it's only a part of history because of Christianity..., aha! You were raised Christian, so maybe you have sympathies? I don't know but I think I have sympathies for Jews, having been raised as one of those. Would you think it was a part of history if it was some Hindu statue or... or Islamic talisman... or Greek urn...? Yeah, now that I think about it, I guess I have sympathies for religions! ! Ah! And yeah even for Christianity. Its not like I don't love the music, architecture, literature, and so on in both Judaism and Christianity, I really do. I dig Gospel music a lot and I love the sound of a big church orchestra, and the mournful melodies of the Hebrew prayers, and cathedral art and temple art, Jewish plays and Christian dramas (Camelot , Narnia, dragons). Plus the full range of imagined creatures of every non-natural type, the whole arsenal of weaponry and history... Ok, I am now geeking out about religion! Someone slap me in the face!

Instead of a slap I'll poke you. I don't know why but poking always seemed more humorous to me than slapping.


anyway... I'm confused by your reply Wanderer :/


are you trying to be sarcastic in the sense that saying that if a religious symbol is found at 9/11, such as a buddhist statue, it shouldn't be preserved? Should we demolish half the works of the Renaissance because they are not equally representative to all religions and philosophies? Should we put a huge statue of an atom in the middle of a St. Peter's Basilica -just to make sure science is represented? Oy...


Now we have these beams found in the form of a cross and we shouldn't preserve or show it because a few people like it as a religious symbol? It's not a part of history because it is a "part of christianity" (to my mind, it is literally just intact steel from the wreckage) but rather it is a significant part of the building found intact. It's not being displayed as a religious symbol, but instead as a historical artifact.


Oy vey, I don't care what happens to the darn thing at this point. Just want the story to end. :/ I'm more or less disappointed in Silverman's lack of tact..


PS: I just noticed a "letter a" mishap in my previous comment. Fml. >:(


Oh and for the record: being raised Christian does not inform this opinion and I'm insulted that you might think that Wanderer, especially when that phase was up to the age of 11. But then again you did not know that.


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