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Me too! Yikes, I had that cassette tape!!
Aww yeah, son! This track is hot.
Man that's bad.

I couldn't remember who did the original and just had to know ('cause I'm like that). Along the way I found this site with misheard lyrics.

My favorites:
Cheeze-whiz is just alright with me
Jesus...He just ate rotten meat.
I remember liking it back when the Doobie Brothers sang it. Now that I'm an atheist, it seems ironic.
Too bad it's just another derivative cover of a much better version of a song.

I saw the Doobie Brothers perform the original in concert in 1976.
...but did you get their autographs?
I didn't even have to watch 10 seconds of it to know what it was. When I was young, my mother use to play Christian music all the friggin' time. Augh. This better not get stuck in my head. I bet it will.
A minute later and I've confirmed that, yes, it is stuck in my head. CURSES.
I just listened to this song on the way to work this morning. Gotta love the Vaselines!
OH Yeah.
"I'm kickin' it Jesus-style!" Oh, crap!

It's really a toss-up of the video style, the costumes, the dancing or the lyrics for which is the most ridiculous bit of this video.

This is just painful.
Wow... I... I think I feel something changing in me... is... is this the feeling of Gods love?...

... oh, no, never mind, I just threw up a bit.


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