Genesis 1:26 - And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Human Exceptionalism. Homo Sapiens Über Alles. Hoist the multicultural, bipedal, opposable thumbed swastika, warm up the bulldozers and pave the planet. As far as "master race" idealogues go, they're king of the hill.

So there was little surprise when I stumbled upon this bigoted little article -

Bestiality Denigrates Human Exceptionalism - by Wesley J. Smith

A man has been given three years in jail for having sex with a horse. I feel somewhat sorry for the defendant in this case, who is clearly disturbed. But I do think it is a sufficiently important issue of human exceptionalism that sex with animals should be punished as a crime. First, it is abuse. But beyond that obvious point, by definition, bestiality denigrates human dignity

No. No, no, no. "Performance reviews" with supervisors you detest denigrates human dignity. Karaoke denigrates human dignity. Workplace "sensitivity training" denigrates human dignity. But unloading your sac in a barn somewhere does not denigrate human dignity (unless you get caught).

Wesley rails hard and drips with sincerity, citing, and glibly dismissing both philospher Peter Singer and bioethicist Jacob Appel's contrary musings in a tirade that impresses only the choir -

Bestiality is so very wrong not only because using animals sexually is abusive, but because such behavior is profoundly degrading and utterly subversive to the crucial understanding that human beings are unique, special, and of the highest moral worth in the known universe–a concept known as “human exceptionalism.”…

This grandstanding may sound impressive, but it is grossly ill-informed and lazy. At no point has Wesley even bothered to consult with the true connoisseurs such as the enigmatic BeastBoy of usenet fame from the 90's. A regular and prolific poster of all things zoophilic, BeastBoy established quite a reputation as an absolute authority on the subject. Sadly, BeastBoy faded from public view and is now a figure of such obscurity, he no longer even exists in google caches. People are wondering if perhaps he was the fatality mentioned in the article - but this is unlikely as he was strictly hetero.

Wherever BeastBoy is, one thing is certain - he would find Wesley's frequent assertions of beast love as "abusive" to be deeply hurtful and offensive. If there is one constant theme BeastBoy's dissertations it is that consent and respect are everything. An abusive relationship is not a relationship. BeastBoy truly loved his animals, and it was evident in his writings. It can really be seen where he states how much sheep like being rolled over on their backs for love making, because that way, he can kiss them at the same time. To call it "abusive" is both shameful and ignorant.

It is sad that folks like BeastBoy have been driven underground now that the common man has arrived and overwhelmed the greater internet. The world is drabber for it, and bigots like Wesley ought to be ashamed. Here is a surving document from BeastBoy's legacy. The man was a lover first and foremost, as only he himself can explain -

A Guide to Selecting a Female Animal for Fun and Friendship

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Whatcom County AGAIN [previous].

It's obvious the government is poisoning the water supply to turn people into animal fuckers. Someone should get Alex Jones onto this.
I went to college in Whatcom County. In my defense, however, I did not graduate. Just dumb luck, I guess.
If he's charged with having pictures of squid and it turns out it's octopus, he's not guilty of the charge.

It's irrelevant. Britain is a police state. Firstly, it's a picture. So fucking what ? Secondly, why are police ransacking this guys hard drive jpg by jpg ? There is no background.

Here is a restaurant where you have sex with the animal of your choice and then it's killed and served to you for supper.

hat tip to Jaume
Some news stories just make you smile. Not the fake "hi, how are you?" smile, but that deep inner smile from your very bowels. A followup on our lost Washingtonian -

The neighbors also alerted the owner of the horses, who told Jordan to get off one of his animals, Wagstaff said.

"He got off that horse but he got on another one," Wagstaff said.

Then Jordan apparently did it again, Wagstaff said. The owner told Jordan to get off horse No. 2, and Jordan did but then got on a third horse, police said.

"He literally had to go down and peel him off the [third] horse," Wagstaff said of the horses' owner, who police have not named.


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