Pope defrocked almost 400 priests in 2 years.  For sexually molesting children.

AP but also numerous other sites.

I'm not a bible expert.  I can't think of any bible verses that forbid pederasty.  That makes sense in a religion that regards women as property and promotes slavery, but considers mixed fabrics an abomination.

Save the children by abolishing catholicism.

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You always hear about "honor thy father and thy mother."  Honoring the kids ... or respecting or protecting or whatever ... doesn't seem to be on their schedule, unless you want to talk about "sparing the rod..."

Jesus loved the little children.  But he didn't say "Don't rape them".  Not once.

Wah! Daniel, that was the picture my parents hung in my bedroom when I was four years old. Not important, but shocking to see that crap again.

There's something about the word "defrocked" that makes it sound like the Pope did to the priests what the priests did to the children.  I know. It's just me.

Nevertheless, the one thing I found most telling about the article is the church's position on these "defrocked" child molesters is to handle it internally.  Not one referral made to the civil or prosecuting authorities of the jurisdiction where it happened.

And, guess what?  There's a new Pope that everyone treats like a rock star, and drools over his every pronouncement, trivial or otherwise. But, there seems to be one pronouncement I've yet to hear from Frankie. Hmmmmm, what could that be? Oh, yeah. Now I remember.


I can envision a sign at the Vatican. "Under new management, but business as usual."

I agree Pat about how the word defrocked sounds. And I don't understand WHY these pedophiles aren't reported to the police! Isn't that a crime to not report them?
I have a friend whose daughter went to some catholic thing this year because she's a senior, and they are totally immersed in Catholicism for the weekend, and she said they feel so loved and secure in the catholic community. I wanted to throw up just listening to her.

Just keep the priests away from the kids, please!

What do they wear once their frocks are removed?  

SB, that's a frocking good question! :)

Frock it then.

Exactly!  Who gives a frock anyway what they wear? lol

On a related, note, in Atheist News....

Chicago Archdiocese Hid Decades of Child Abuse

This just in: http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/former-missionary-gets-58-years...

I was going to post it in a new thread about my hatred of the whole missionary concept, but it fits in very nicely here.

Especially the part where the entire family shows up in the courtroom to support this heinous creep. I wonder which one of them is the one who originally abused the missionary?? It's a whole disgusting cult of cruelty.


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