Is there an atheist version of "gaydar"? In other words, how can you tell?

With so many 'coming out' stories about atheism, I was wondering if there is a way that atheists can identify one another without asking. In the gay world, it's 'gaydar' - noting the way that someone walks, talks, dresses, interacts with others, or somehow just "is".

I've had a few people, out of the blue (at work) volunteer to me that they are atheist. I didn't ask why, it just seemed like a topic for conversation at the time. Even though it's a very busy workplace and we don't chat much at all.

So I'm wondering, if there is a atheist version of 'gaydar'? Something that makes us think "that person looks like an atheist!". Maybe it's a lack of interest in Xmas, or that is the only person who never mentions going to church, or... what? Seeing that evolve-fish on their car - well, that's obvious. There must be something more subtle.

I've seen a similar situation with Mormons here. Fairly quickly, they seem to identify one another by mentions of their son on a mission, or their trip to Salt Lake City, or, I don't know, their most recent jello recipes. Key words, or key concepts, and maybe mannerisms, seem to help some like-minded people identify one another.

If there is such a 'early detection system', what is it called? Or what should it be called? Somehow 'heathenar' doesn't have that snappy sound.

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Haven't been taught about the secret handshake yet??

I believe it depends on the country you live in. In my country people of my age are pretty much atheists until proven guilty... erm.... theist. There simply are not many church going folks around ages 40 and below. There are some more religious communities here, but not where I live.

Since religious beliefs are a big no-no to discuss at the workplace in most countries, I think it is mighty difficult to distinguish the believers from the non-believers. Rule of thumb could be an interest in science, since this doesn't bide well with superstition. But the only fool proof way would be someone saying he / she doesn't believe or asking someone about their religious denomination.

I do have a Darwinian fish on the car BTW. Present from my husband. It has legs and it spells "reality sucks":) So I guess that should set a A-dar at work :)


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