Is religion's demise inevitable in the future development of the human race?

In a previous post, I asked if religion was inevitable in the development of the human race. The consensus was basically yes (thanks to everyone who replied).

Now, is the demise of religion inevitable? I would argue (and hope), yes. The evidence shows a rise of secularism in Western Europe, Japan, Australia, and slowly but surely in the US. I believe as education, scientific advancements, and communications (like A/N) grow, non-theism will become more and more prevalent over the long haul.

By the long haul I mean it took a couple of thousand years to get where we are with religion and it may take as long to marginalize it. Is its demise inevitable?

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I would say yes for sure other then the fact that the religulous and under-educated have higher rates of reproduction (and high rates of successful indoctrination). It might really take 1000 years to marginalize religion in the grand arena. But considering the exponential rate of growth of scientific discovery, and understanding, maybe it'll only take 50 years. This one is hard to predict.
I'll say no.

Wherever a learned man says, 'I don't know yet,' a religious man says, 'I know. It's God.'

Until we know everything there is to be known, if such a point is even attainable, there is always space for religion to fester -- and even then there will be the willful ignorant who choose God over truth.
Wherever a learned man says, 'I don't know yet,' a religious man says, 'I know. It's God.'

True, but the learned man will continue to seek to find the true answer. As more answers are found, doesn't the religious man just look even more ridiculous? I also agree that religion and its easy answers will never be eradicated, but I think in the "long arc of history" it will be become marginalized.
Unsure. Organized religion may deteriorate in mordernized parts of the world while religion persists in isolated communities as part of the culture. Spiritualism and belief in an afterlife will probably always persist. We may come to the point where religion no longer has an influance on politics, which would be wonderful, but I doubt we'll ever erradicate it as a whole.
Well stated!

Check it out! We are in complete agreement! ;-)
Freud wrote a book called, "The Future of an Illusion" wherein he argued that with the advent of the scientific method and an understanding of moral principles based on empthy (I don't think he used those tern), man would no longer need religion.

True that scientific explanations have replaced supernatural explanations since science's inception. Religious people only have a few "unknowns" left to cling to. Actually, they’re still clinging to a good many "knowns" as

I'm sorry to say that I don't think superstition is going away any time in the near future. I think Freud was wrong...

By nature, people are scared to live as true adults and deal with the uncertainties of human existence. It is much more comfortable to live as an eternal child of a daddy in the sky who has all the answers.
I believe not so much it's demise is inevitable but having it become secondary to rational thought, that would be nice. I like the Star Trek Next Generation Universe, where religion is no longer even a major issue in everyday life, people still have their beliefs but they don't use it to make decision for themselves (or others, ugh)... I hope you're right though, a world without religion is a world of TRUE hope, not fantasy. Good post! This is one of my first comments here, I enjoyed reading this.
I think it is a little too optimistic to say that the demise of religion is inevitable due to the ease with which a person can be indoctrinated along with the surprising adaptability of religion to new situations. This has been seen most prominently with Christianity which has constantly been updating it's interpretation of the bible. For example, the recent semi-acceptance of homosexuality in many churches. I believe that religion will constantly reinvent itself by claiming that previous generations where wrong and that the current interpretation is what was always the true message. But perhaps I am just a pessimist with no real hope for the future of humanity.
honestly,its always possible even though i really don't have much faith in our race when it comes to coming clean with reality.but more and more kids are getting involved with the internet and they will start communicating with others and hearing different ideas and opinions which is important because kids are the primary target as they dont know to question their own parents.its an adult controlled world and we need them behaving like adults.

also,the religious followers are stupid enough to use the technology because theyre hypocrites for using and there will always be atheists and agnostics there to argue with is a strong example,even with those who try censoring the srguments,theyll just do indirect video responses.

its coming to be that all these mystics have left is futile attempts to defame as ray comfort and kirk cameron did with the origin of species with that intro they ignorantly added.
I think it will happen but it may take a couple of millenia as the OP surmised. The 'God of the (ever-decreasing number) of Gaps' will be with us for a long time. But, as somebody (Asimov, Sagan?) pointed out, when lightning rods began appearing on churches we knew the tide had turned. But, having turned, it will still take an awfully long time to permeate all of culture.
If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say religious numbers as a whole will steadily decrease.
Unfortunately, I can't see it ever hitting flat zero. There will always be some historical reference to the religions and their beliefs, and someone who isn't intelligent enough to understand scientific principals (or just not enough of an attention span to bother). These people will likely grab the god concept.

I think religion will eventually become more of a cult than an organization. And the definition as to what they believe will probably become rather hazy with no organization to keep anything standardized.

And of course, we will see many upstart religions.

Of course, I don't know any of this. I'm just hazarding a guess.

Another guess would be, the religious idiots manage to drag us all into a faith war, and anyone not outwardly practicing their local religion will be suspect of treason.
it's not an inexplicable psychological need,i would call it a false (mystical) purpose in life-to serve a "higher" cause.its not even just god either,its also the state or society-conformity basically.people are unable to function as an individual,they require some external outlet because they fail to be competent in dealing with reality.

socety's ills are mostly caused by envious people who seek power to dominate the masses and live parasitically off their efforts instead of being useful themselves and most people have this irrational fear of death so these lazy and untrustworthy lowlifes create these realities to manipulate them into submission for unearned money and power.


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