I wanted to put this question out there to see how strongly everyone feels on this subject. Being that most of us trust in scientific fact and reasoning, I was wondering if everyone is absolutely, undeniably, 100% sure that a god doesn't exist.  I personally take into account that there is no proof of any cosmic creator so therefore I am about 99.9999% sure that there is no god. However we all agree that science is an ever evolving field and I don't think that there will ever be any proof to support the existence of a supreme being, but I can't be 100% sure until there is concrete proof against one. I would like to know what all of your thoughts on this.  

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I suppose, do you know that the united states has detonated around 1200 nuclear device, This compares to 800 for the rest of the world combined. But that is a total of 2000 bombs. I was fine with the first couple of tests to prove the point ( accept for the hiroshima and nagasaki, that was a war crime) but most people don't know how many where let off. of that about 500 were on its own soil, the other 700 were on atolls and literally destroyed entire ecosystems. 

I'm 100% sure.

its like Richard Dawkins said...never say never but on his scale of 1-7 positive theist to total atheist, i rate myself a 6. as does Dawkins rate himself.

"Based on what evidence?"

-His last several replies.

That's what any statistician would call a sampling error. Logic fail.

OK, maybe you can take out the garbage, but here on this thread, what I have noticed from you trolling me, is that you have no substance, only insults.

I can not say you are correct or incorrect as I nave not seen any posts of detail.

SansDeity - Now is your chance if you have a small minute to put together a summary of your view in relation to MCT's position.

MCT - I can only assume you have more information available to you than me on this matter.

He has no position, other than my position makes him want to insult me.

Ahh yes! Take out the garbage! Now there is a comment that just oozes substance. Has it ever occurred to you that you are a caricature of yourself MCT?

Anywho, I'm just making accurate observations. I do not have as much free time as you to set up residence here and spend inordinate amounts of time each day debating abstract topics. Even if I did I'm not sure I would do it on an atheist site as I'd be much better served doing so on, say, scienceblogs where I would be conversing with actual scientists rather than a kid who took a class in epistemology. But I can understand your fear of debating such topics on places like those and your preference for doing it here.

I have plenty of substance on this thread. Your observations are anything but accurate. It is not a scientific issue. It is a philosophical one. I do not debate scientific findings, only their relevance to the nature of existence. 

Hi Sansdiety,

Pretty much everything I've read from MCT comes with an explanation, describing how he got to his position.

What more is needed from anybody?


Hi Valerie,

"Useless" came from someone following me and doing nothing but throwing emotional based insults my way. Sorry you had to see that first. Did you really only read the last page and think that the last 142 have nothing to do with certainty? When it turned to politics we, well some of us, took it to here. I like debating all sort of issues, except if there is a god or not, with theists, so this place is often 'perfect' for me, since I don't have to bother with that kind of nonsense (well, to be honest, I still deal with mysticism of other sorts here).

We have a pretty serious difference of opinion, however. I do not think that human empathy demands that we help the less fortunate. I would like to and make a career out of helping less fortunate people, but do not think we should require it from others, by force. I think this leads to the very large mess we have for a government now.


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