The title is pretty self-explanatory. I had just assumed that after my research and falling out, I chose to be an Atheist. The other day I was speaking to my brother, and he said that to him Atheism wasn't really a choice. And in a way it's true. I don't think I could ever force myself to return to Christianity or believe the things I was taught. I'm kind of stuck, really. So, what do you think? Is atheism a choice?

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You can't choose to un-learn something, like realizing that religion is ridiculous.  Actually if I HAD a choice, it might be easier to just be one of the sheeple christians who go along believing some 'god' is always watching over them, and everyone would be together forever in heaven.

It wasn't a choice that I was aware of but that's pretty biased as I haven't done the research myself. I actually think this question would be more interesting with a poll so we could start collecting some statistics.

I've heard many religious defenders claim to be Atheists or Agnostics at some point, it could just be a lie to try to build credibility of open mindedness but if you take them at face value then you could waver I suppose. Then I wonder if you can go back and forth multiple times or just once depending on how you think. 

It wouldn't suprise me if some people got overwhelmed with the sheer complexity of life created by as best as I can understand given science: "The universe is a chaotic system of fractal geometry and very large numbers". Well, that is basically my view in one sentence.

For me nothing else would work.i like reason too much.I ask too many questions.

Me too, I just think sometimes life would be easier to not be so reasonable. lol.

"So, what do you think? Is atheism a choice?"

When you were born, did you decide to be a christian, muslim, buddist,etc? How is this even a question? If you were any of all religions, then were you brought up to be a particular one, or did you decide before hand? You shouldn't be an Atheist because you picked it out of a hat, and felt it best suited you. You're who you are because your free thinking brought you to the conclusion of "what" you are. Is Atheism a choice? If you lie to yourself, sure its a "choice".

I wish it were that simple.

Most people crave community and are comforted by shared fantasy. To turn your back on "all that," you have to have some kind of problem with it.  Maybe you don't get along with the peer group, or maybe you can't help looking behind the curtain.  I think that's a matter of temperament, not choice.

Booklover's "sheeple" christians are, IMO, mostly in it for the cover dish suppers, an excuse to dress up once a week, and maybe the chance to do something nice for somebody once in a while.  I don't have a problem with them, and will not stoop to insulting their intelligence (except when they vote for guys like Bush).  Their "sin" is not a lack of reason, just a difference in focus.

Further, many people have legitimate experiences of religious ecstasy.  It's pretty hard to turn your back on that, even if it leads you to a bad place.

So, if you don't enjoy church and don't like church people, and have never been stricken with the Spirit, and have the intellect and temperament to draw your own conclusions, you may deprogram yourself from what you learned as a child.

THEN the choice is as clear as this:

> Religion is a choice in that blind faith is a choice. Atheism is a choice in that the exercize of ones reason is a choice.

We get our religion and our god by chance of our birth. No choice. Most people choose to stay with this initial position. No choice. No one can come anywhere near atheism unless he musters courage for rational thinking. If this happens, if one has enough courage to think rationally, then one becomes an atheist, no choice! Atheism and faith are not alternative choices, they are alternative positions.

Born and raised atheist, I don't consider it a choice, though I did have a choice to be religious if I had wanted to. It is a different scenario I guess for those who are now atheist but raised religious.

I cannot help but to go to Neil Degrasse Tysons explanation of  "If you're scientifically literate the world looks very different t...

This to me is a realization, not a choice. I just cannot fathom the faith and belief. I don't understand it and I never will.

Is it so bad that atheism is a choice? If it is by choice, then it is a good one.


Born as an atheist. There are a few others also who claim to be born atheists. I have also read a book titled 'Born Atheist" which also says that everybody is born as an atheist. I however, do not agree with this. Atheism comes, not out of ignorance but out of knowledge. Mny accept faith in their childhood through the influence of their parents due to lack of adequate knowlwdge and beome atheists when they earn enough knowledge to make their own decision. A child does not have enough knowledge to make his own decision or understand atheism and may acquire atheism through parents, which is not true atheism. Atheism should come through knowledge and not through ignorance.

I understand this Madhukar, I think I have always said "born atheist" simply because my parents were devout atheists so really, I was destined to 'start' out as an atheist. It is more of a personal description rather than a general one. But that is not to say that I was not aware of religion growing up, friends and family members were religious and we had numerous bibles of different denominations in the house.

Thanks, Sandi.

So it's just semantics.  Everyone is born not believing in any religion because they have to be taught that. 


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