Hi everyone!  I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Kristin, age 28, mom and wife, non-profit worker.  I live in central PA.  I was raised fundamentalist Christian but have been a non-believer of one form or another since I was about 16 or so. 


I'm excited to be on here, make some friends and join in the discussion :-)



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I have joined the Parenting Little Heathens group. Today I posted something on my fb page about it being Darwin Day, & my sister-in-law posted something I know was in response that because today was Darwin's birthday, she was coming out to say that she believes in Jesus and creation and that she wasn't descended from a "dumb ape." While I had to restrain myself from responding that (a) apes aren't dumb (b) no human is descended from an ape any more than she is descended from her cousins, we just share a common ancestor, I thought to myself that I cannot wait for the day when my son can correct her (and her kids) for me! I want him to decide for himself what he wants to believe and how he wants to label himself, but I also cannot wait until his "dinosaur phase"! Because I still <3 dinosaurs!
It would be more accurate to say that she not only is descended from "dumb apes" but still is one (both an ape and dumb). For humans to "not be descended from apes" requires that "ape" refers exclusively to modern, non-human apes. Unless the most recent common ancestor of modern, non-human apes and modern, human apes had a tail (was a monkey), then I can't honestly see any differentiation between modern and past apes as legitimate when speaking on the origin of species.
Understood! When I saw "ape" I did assume she meant modern apes. I also assume she would be one of those who would expect to find a half-cat/half-dog as the only acceptable "transitional form." If she even ever thought about "transitional forms," which is doubtful.
Welcome to Atheist Nexus Kristin! You may be interested in these Nexus groups: Pennsylvania Atheists, Pennsylvania Nonbelievers and Parenting Little Heathens.
Good for you! Welcome.
Welcome, glad to have you.


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