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So we can picture you sitting at the table with us, how about telling us your favorite food and drink?

I'm Ruth and you'll find me eating a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt, constantly refilling my teacup from a gigantic pot of hot green tea. (I share, you're welcome to some tea. :D)

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I'm Tim and I often eat cottage cheese, some sucralose mixed in with a mashed assortment of berries. I also eat a lot of oatmeal-based mixtures. And I always have coffee in my hand.


My name is Maia. I'll be having an almond muffin and a cup of white hot chocolate.

Hej Maia. I didn't know there was such a drink as white hot chocolate. Sounds nice.

Well, if I were sitting next to everyone at a table, my favorite food and drink would have to be a traditional Tiramisu, or a Chocolate-layered Pannetone; my drink would be a Turkish coffee, stirred with a stick of chocolate Biscotti. I also share. ;)

Cool bump...

Food and drink, hmmm? Favorites?

A pint of Leffe Brun (draught) and some Philly Cheese Steak egg rolls...

Ach! I put on a few grams just looking at Philly Cheese Steak egg rolls. That's surreal. (We, my husband and I, are from Philly and that sounds strange to us.)

I do not have a sweet tooth, so my favorite food is cheese, my favorite drink a good cup of Folgers coffee with cream and no sugar.


Hello, I'm Angela and you can imagine me sitting at my computer with a mug of French roast. Or a glass of wine.

I am a senior citizen.  I cannot believe how far I have evolved in one lifetime.  I will say this, as a very young child I questioned everything and still do.  Thank you for your generous welcome.  I look forward to being a member of the group.

Hi, thanks for the invite to group Ruth :)

I'm Sylvia, you'll probably find me eating crepes with ice cream (probably vanilla covered in warm dark chocolate sauce and a dollop of whipped cream) and drinking chocolate flavoured milk. mmmmmhhhh

Hi Sylvia. Would you share some of that?


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