So we can picture you sitting at the table with us, how about telling us your favorite food and drink?

I'm Ruth and you'll find me eating a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt, constantly refilling my teacup from a gigantic pot of hot green tea. (I share, you're welcome to some tea. :D)

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Thanks a bunch. The poem was great. I'm keeping that site bookmarked! :D
Hi, I'm Nicole. I'll take a black coffee, medium roast (I love to really TASTE coffee, no milk or cream for me!) with a square or two of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's. Mmm.


Hi I'm Meghan.

I have a pretty adventurous pallet, so I can appreciate most foods.


Sushi is probably pretty high on my list, and a good microbrewery beer would probably win out for a drink.


Thanks for the invite :)



My name is Daniel.  I've been on Nexus since 08.  It's been really great to have a place where, even if I'm still the odd man out, at least other people are also the odd person out.


My favorite food is stir-fried Yasoba noodiles, with braised peppers and lots of garlic.  I use a low salt soy sauce and some sesame oil for added umami.


My favorite beverage is a good smoky almost-burned Sumatra coffee. Black, fresh ground.  No sugar or cream.



I love chai tea with lots of heavy cream.  I'm on Atkins, so meat and vegetables is the norm.  I'll have shrimp sauteed in butter with garlic and asparagus.  Fat is ok on Atkins, so you don't feel deprived.  I've lost 101 lbs.  Have 49 more to go.

I'm an AN newbie.  Thanks Ruth for inviting me.


My name is Christine and I love chocolate.  I don't like coffee and can't have alcohol, so my liquid of choice is mainly water with a squirt of Mio...I also love Fresca, diet Dr. Pepper, hot chocolate and tea.   As for food, I am not overly picky and usually take a long time deciding what I want at restaurants.

Hi, My name is Aaron, and I love Detroit-Style Coney Dogs and a Faygo Rock & Rye.

Here the automatic translator, I can say that I am a little lost on the subject. I likemany things that promotes the use of the mouth. Covers and date are ahead of eating. Seafood and chocolate are great for me.
Mmm.. Food... I love (trying) to cook all sorts of food and try to have a wide variety of cuisine in my diet. I'm lactose intolerant sO I don't eat much dairy(no ice-cream) ;(. I have a dream of having a plot of land where I could be self sufficient and green but with the help of technology at my disposal..

Seriously, i could picture us all on some space craft orbiting earth eating special brownies (for those who would partake) pointing at earth laughing saying "stay here with god, we'll be right back." before jetising into deep space!

Save one of those brownies for me. Just sayin'!


And welcome!

I am a steak and potato fan but often find myself trying to digest one of those Banquet Meals (half-life of 20,000 years) along with reading one of, I think 7 books now started and sipping a nice glass of 10yo Scotch.


Three great things that go together!



~Physical Anthropology (Evolution)


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