So we can picture you sitting at the table with us, how about telling us your favorite food and drink?

I'm Ruth and you'll find me eating a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt, constantly refilling my teacup from a gigantic pot of hot green tea. (I share, you're welcome to some tea. :D)

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Heyo! I'm Tori, and I enjoy vanilla Coca-Cola. I concur with most of my fellow females that chocolate is the best.

There isn't much else to know about me. I like video games, art, and books. :D

I'm Lisa.... I love a variety of mixed drinks .... Bloody Mary with asparagus spears..... Long Island Iced tea.... daiquiris, margaritas,  white russians....omg I LOVE cold OUZO !!!!     I also enjoy cafe mochas... extra strong coffee laced with sugar and French vanilla creamer......   Mexican food, steaks, prime ribs, Italian food ... sandwiches.... I like trying new dishes.

I like groups and forums in text as this is the best way to communicate with my deafness. I find it very difficult to find any physical groups where there would be atheists who use sign language.... There are PLENTY of churches with sign language interpreters and deaf people... i have left all that foolishness behind me several years ago.

I love learning.... art, history, films, books ..etc etc !!!

I'm Melani. I'm not fan of hot beverages, so I will just have lemonade, with a wedge of lime.

I'm 43, from SE MI, and enjoy reading.

Hi Melani!  I'm in SE Michigan, too!  Nice to find another freethinker in the area :)  


I'm not one to drink coffee or tea - hot or cold.  I'm a librarian, recently graduated and unemployed, but now I get to read a long list of books that aren't textbooks! :) 

I'll be burrowing into a tasty chocolate pastry and wash it down  with strong filter coffee


I love almonds and Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.  All of you are making me hungry : ).  Lots of goodies on the replies here.

Hi everyone, new to the group. I'm Dawn.


I do not drink coffee, ever. So in the morning you would find me drinking a Tazo Chai Latte (cold). During the day it's ice water with some lemon, and sometimes at night Wisker's Blake port (yummiest cheap port ever). I'm pretty much a homebody so you won't catch me at the cafe very often, but ya'll are welcome to come here and hang by the pool.

Hi I'm Melinda (Mindy) aka Booklover.  Ruth invited me to join your group.  Thanks Ruth! :)  I'm a 44-year old homemaker from the Midwest ,  homeschooling our son for the last year.  He will be 17 this summer.  Our daughter is going to be a college Sophomore this fall, she was never homeschooled.  I was raised with no religion, so I didn't have anything to unlearn.  When Hubby & I had kids, I don't know what the hell got into me, but I tried Catholicism (He was raised catholic), but after I took our daughter to her first communion class I said "What do you think?" and she, at age 7, said "That Jesus thing sounds like a myth to me!" LOL.  I quickly came to my senses.  So, DD, DS, and I are all Atheists, and Hubby is Agnostic.  My Mom and Aunt and a good friend are Atheists, so I'm not totally alone here in my little world, but I'm glad to have found AtheistNexus where SO many rational people post!  I'm an avid reader (hence the name booklover obviously)!  We have a dog and 3 cats in a small, but paid-for home!  Don't know what else to say right now, but I'm looking forward to 'talking' with all of you. :)  Sorry this was so long, also forgot to add I LOVE coffee!

Hi Mindy - We just started homeschooling this fall (almost 8yo and 5 yo) - so far so good. How long did your son homeschool? I'd love to think we'd stick with it through high school but taking it one year at a time. 

Hi Dawn, we started homeschooling right before my son would have started 4th grade.  He was falling behind and my daughter was starting middle-school, so we all left the grade school @ the same time (I had worked there part-time off & on).  Had a homeschooling neighbor talk me into trying it, and here we are 8 1/2 years later!  It's been great and we've done different things different years.  When he was younger the museums here had wonderful science classes for homeschoolers, and we were in  a homeschooling group with people who joined only for homeschooling reasons, not religious reasons!, so that was great.  As he got older he grew out of certain homeschooling classes, and we've started and stopped other homeschooling groups that were put-together by like-minded people from the original group.  Now it's just me & 2 friends who get together with the boys, but it's more for US to socialize, lol.  He goes to Huntington Learning Center (which costs a small fortune) for math, but that was my choice because I HATE algebra,etc. lol.  He didn't do well with learning higher math on his own.  We've sort of done everything from unschooling to school @ home, so it's a big mix.  Works for us.  We are in Illinois which is a VERY easy state to homeschool in.  No proving anything, etc.  so it's good for dedicated parents, bad for kids whose parents are just using them to stay home and babysit younger kids, etc.  This fall he is going to try to get his GED just to have that piece of paper, and he will start @ the local, very good, community college in the spring.  He is looking forward to it.  I don't know what I will do with myself!!!  Haven't 'worked' in years! 

Just enjoy every moment you have with them!  I still can't believe my 'babies' are 19 and almost 17.  I think I mourned the whole first semester my daughter was away @ college, and it's only 2 hours away!

It's always great to hear from people that have made it work for them over the years. I am sure that if we make it to high school the boys will be doing some of their classes elsewhere too (math in particular). I can't even think that far forward to college! Plus I'm already 45 so I'll be old by then, probably ready to shoo them out the door ;) 


I bet you'll find ways to fill up your days. Enjoy them!

Hi Mindy,

Have you had a chance to take a look at the discussion Read Any Good Books Lately?  What's on your Bookshelf?"  Sounds like you will be able to make some good suggestions.   I just finished reading The Girl Who Plays with Fire and am going to start The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest today.  Roz


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