Two infants, ages 1 and 2, were stabbed to death by their 28 year old mother and 21 year old friend in an exorcism performed in Germantown, Maryland.  Two other children were seriously injured in this apparent effort to cast out Satan and his minions.

And who says it's just tribal societies that murder witches and cast out demons in the name of their god?

Let the religious hits keep a comin'.

Story here and here.

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You see the disconnect everywhere in the lives of xtians. Almost funny was the woman I saw demonstrating against abortion in an astrakhan coat: that is the fur made from the skin of aborted lambs.

Ridiculous, isn't it?

k.h.  I think the husband won for her to be taken off life support.  The fetus has a LOT of things wrong with it, as oxygen was cut-off to it as well when it was cut off to the mother.  I hope the hospital takes her off the ventilator as per her own wishes.  Sick he had to go through all that.  I think they are in Texas.

I thought this story was just tragic.  I also thought it was tragic that they are actually being examined to determine their sanity, as belief in devils and exorcism doesn't automatically make them insane.

Very very sad.


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