This poll is yet more evidence of the truly appalling state of science education in the United States.

The fact that the number of creationists in the U.S. is going up, however slightly, is proof that the public isn't absorbing critical thinking, reasoning and logic skills by osmosis - we need to be teaching them in the public school system, and with rigor and consistency, from grade one through high school.


In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins

"Despite the many changes that have taken place in American society and culture over the past 30 years, including new discoveries in biological and social science, there has been virtually no sustained change in Americans' views of the origin of the human species since 1982. The 46% of Americans who today believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years is little changed from the 44% who believed this 30 years ago, when Gallup first asked the question."

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I have been writing books on ORIGINS for several years now. The Book of the Universe and The Book of Life (both finished) will be available within a couple of months.

Here's an item from Chapter 2, Book 1:

20.  Pope Pius XII (1952) saw the Big Bang theory as supporting his reinterpretation of biblical creation.  

(Pope Pius XII “Modern science and the existence of God. The Catholic Mind. March 1952. 182-192). 

Of course not all xtians are creationists, but most, if not all, the fundies are.  Having the word fun in their name is sort of a misnomer, wouldn't you say? ;)

It's a cherry pickin' kind of Christian that claims not to be a creationist, the same kind that claim they don't have to follow the Old Testament anymore since Jesus came, especially when Jesus himself said very differently according to their own mythology, wherein he stated he came not to change one word of the law but to uphold it.... but that's just me...

LOL as to 'fundies' well the 'fun' 'dies' in the word! heh

LOL Tammy S, your joke was better than mine! :)  ~ Melinda

LOL I owed you at least one good one, the last couple of days you've been knocking them right outta the park!

ha ha Thanks Tammy :)  How about ,there's nothing fun about fundaMENTALists? ;)

And how the hell are they anything but 'mental'??? hehe

LOL! Yes it is.


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