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if anyone wants to have some fun, join this discussion!!

get in there.  i'm getting attacked like crazy and need some support!!

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This is your idea of FUN?!?  [Loren does his best imitation of The Addams Family's "Lurch" grumbling to himself!]

not typically, but since my Mom sent this to me i decided to get involved.  good prep work for any unfortunate meetings with Theists at the RR.

If I go (still undecided) I'm printing off dozen of these to hand out for that purpose.

That is so awesome. Love the KISS tract there. XD

that's brilliant.  what a racket!

Mr Steven Myers says you get Facts from church, what church is he going to?

Desperate angry people will grab on to anything and run with it.  You jumped into a hornets nest!

 what's your score on Americanism?  99/100?  where can i find mine?


You took the words right out of my mouth on that one.  What makes one american more american than another?

Oh, I dunno'? …ancestors in the Vespucci family?

darn, you got me!

being white, obviously.  oh, and Christian. 


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