atheist billboard campaign.

I wonder how long one would last before enraged christians deface it.

These billboars get to the point of christian ignorance about their own religion, their hypocrisy, their vile maleficent deity,   In the vein of 'Awkward Moments Not Found In Your Children's Bible".

Or maybe they just wouldn't get it?

Or it would backfire and more christians would demand theocracy?

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Anthony, I worry about that backswing of the pendulum too.  Even so, my brain is capable of holding to contradictory thoughts at the same time.  I feel optimism too.  

With each generation, it seems there is movement away from religious - sanctified persecution.  Imperfect and incomplete, but movement.  Religiosity was key in Jim Crow law, opposition to women's rights, and persecution of LGBT people.  By giving more rights to the religiously-sanctioned oppressed, we chip away at the horrendous hegemony of religion.  Religion then mutates, and returns with a slightly more inclusive version of itself, but also maybe with less hold on the religious.  Im guessing about that.

Having driven though countryside and towns and confronted by plethora of religious billboards, I speculate those in-your-face ads serve more than one purpose.  They may bring more into the churches, I don't know.  They also serve as monuments to the power of the church, as Joan recently reminded us with a quote from Ozymandios.  They give psychological support to the religious.  

I would like to see more atheist billboards, especially ones that highlight religious hypocrisy, so that the only voice on the road is not that of the christian.


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