I bring it up here since his alcohol abuse treatment consisted of counseling and praying with his catholic priest. I gave this guy 3 "last chances" over the last 6 months to seek real help and straighten out. The very "last chance" he dragged the priest in to talk with me and the priest told me they "were working on some repressed issues from his youth and praying" for his recovery. I just sat there and had all I could do not to laugh out loud. It really sucks, he was actually very good at his job when he was sober, which was a major part of the reason I kept giving him another last chance. The other part being I have a "sucker" tattoo on my forehead. But I can't have someone passed out at his desk, drinking on the job, babbling incoherently, or hurting himself or others. I told him today to please seek real medical help for his addiction. I really wanted to say "Dump that idiot priest and the useless prayers to your imaginary friend!" but decided to hold that back. I really do sympathize for him, but at some point I need that tattoo removed from my forehead.

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I'm sorry Dave. I've also had to fire people and I hated it. It was always me who ended up in the ladies' toilet bawling her eyes out. I know that it probably hurt you as much, if not more, than it hurt him.

As for the Catholic Church helping with his alcoholism, it didn't seem to do much to help Mel Gibson, did it? For all his Catholic fundamentalism and even owning his own church, he is still a hopeless drunk who cheated on his wife and knocked up [Aussie for impregnated] a talentless Russian pop star out of wedlock. You'd think if the Church had the power to cure anyone, it would have made its biggest effort on one of its biggest proponents.

I'm sorry for your friend, but his alcoholism is not your fault or responsibility. Your business and the safety of your staff and clients is. You did the right thing.
Thanks. Mel does need to pray some more to his imaginary friend! ;~)
I dunno, if I gave him a last chance, I would've told him to dump the moronic priest, or atleast told a co-worker about it. I mean there are the rare good compassionate priests, its just this quack is putting more gas to the fire.

Maybe if you still have his number and you feel sympathetic, now that you are not co-workers, maybe you should say what's on your mind to him. Not to magically help him, but to get the monkey out of your back. I know I feel alot better when I say what's on my mind. But if he lends a hand out for help that would even be better!
I did give him 3 "last chances", all in writing and told him each time to seek real medical help. At some point I will loose all credibility with the other 30 people that work for me. I'm sure I probably lost some anyway, but I think they also see I tried. I also have a second employee who does undergo real treatment and it seems to work. I am sympathetic, hence all the chances, but at some point I am their boss, not their counselor.
Three last chances? He was one lucky employee!


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