I am unbelievably in agreement with the RNC Texas delegation

Apparently Mr.Romney introduced a new convention rule that basically says the leading nominee can veto and replace state delegates with someone he prefers. WOW. This is seen as a way to absolutely eliminate Ron Paul. Texas has 300 delegates. 30 of them represent Ron Paul. All 300 of them walked out. I say they are absolutely right to do so. If this is allowed, the candidate can just give himself the win. I am a lifelong Democrat and really have never cared much for Texas, but I am with them on this deal, because that is absolutely the opposite of democracy. No matter which party did it.

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One of his team lawyers introduced it to the convention rules committee. The rules committee then actually approved it. It was announced to delegations during preliminary meetings Monday. That's what was in the report I read, anyway.  They said the purpose was to prevent delegates "switching their vote" at the convention. The agreement reached said if a delegate switches vote at convention, they would be banned from further conventions.

both parties have been infected by corporations that happen to be run by cultists.. imho


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