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Human Rights and God go hand in hand according to Glenn Beck

I was watching the news last night and they had a segment where Glenn
Beck talks about how there must be a God, otherwise where do we get our
inalienable rights...that really bugged me...for one because I
would not have known how to answer that and two the more that I thought about it the more I felt like we don't need God to have rights...So those who believe in Buddha they don't get human rights? Or they get less rights?

I think we are all humans, self aware, we feel pain and can empathize with others even animals.  We deserve to be treated humanely because we are...self aware, and we can understand others pain.  We deserve rights because no one else's rights should be above my own not even the government's...

What do you all think?

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Beck is an asshole, and he seems to be quite loony. I think all the people representing the fox news network are a bit nuts. I stopped watching them a long time ago because they never gave any straight news. Just their own version of it.
Human beings have created what rights we have.
@Susan Stanko

Thomas Hobbes for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course human rights come from god. Who else but god could condone the execution of a person condemned on questionable evidence, garnered from torture?

Social contract, pure and simple. Glenn Beck seems like the kind of guy who think Hobbes is just an imaginary tiger.
No kidding.  But that means our dear Calvin grew up to be Beck?  I hope not!
Right, it's the ones in charge that decide what the rights are.  Good point.  Unfortunately, if you live in a Theocracy or Dictatorship or other Totalitarian regime, your rights are very limited if you are not of the chosen group.  But, when weighing all the social norms, is there not a group of basic behaviours that are more likely than others to guarantee survival?
The money supports people like Glenn Beck, the taliban, Osama, etc.. As long as the networks continue to put this crap on TV and market it around the world we will hear it over and over again. Its important to have another hobby of your own so not to get bogged down by people who think like Glen Beck.

Well, but what happens when the social contract agreed upon by the majority in a given place at a given time causes the oppression of an Other? 

For example, when slavery was still a part of everyday American life... treating other human beings like property was the agreed upon social contract of the time.  If we are to uphold the social contract as the source of human rights, how do we justify declaring that an oppressive social contract is wrong and take a stand against that oppression? 

Moreover, if our social contract allows rights that the social contract of another nation does not, how do we declare their social contract oppressive and wrong if it is what that particular society has agreed upon?

Nevermind, I got where I was going with that by taking a step back from the Rousseau popular sovereignty social contract and going back to Epicurus' basic "agree to neither harm nor be harmed."  This seems to take care of the problem of privileged groups enforcing abridgments of the rights of others through popular sovereignty, as said abridgments would do harm unto others.

What is social contract?

yes that's why theocracies like saudi arabia and iran are beacons of human freedom and liberty


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