What is your take on Human Population in the world, and possible links to 'Theism'?

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Bravo! You did a better job than I did, as a biology teacher. With the curriculum demands, discipline interruptions and competing interruptions from stuff like standardized testing, fire drills, special assemblies and pep rallies during the school day, I never managed to cover the mandated curriculum. One year I never got to ecology at all.

Well said, David.

dunno has something to do when met kissing other mens' feet!? @ wtf~ condoms baby! or just know thy ejac~ mstrb8? ; )

Overpopulation is the elephant in the room that no one is talking about.

I have a STRONG opinion of overpopulation and I'm tired of seeing fools on a daily basis with 4, 5, 6 kids. What are you thinking!?  I realize you DON'T have to think about it, and children bring you joy, and you came from a big family... -buy you are not thinking.  Every child will grown up, need a house, need a car, need an ocean of gas, -will need to pave over more natural areas, and probably decide to have 6 kids too...

Somewhere in the future is the line we shouldn't cross. But why must we RACE to it???  Half as many people would mean twice as many resources. To overpopulate because it feels good is TERRIBLE.  That's a person breeding like an animal.

My stance is a little softer in the rural areas -where your sense of community is only made up of family.

How about me?  I had no father, I was out of the house at 20 when my brother came around, I have 2 lovely daughters, a wife with baby fever, I'm the last with my family name, I work all day by myself, I have 5 bedroom house, with a half acre lot -I COULD AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A SON!

But I don't.  It's the responsible thing to do, period.  To "try" for a boy IS SELFISH at this point.

MY ANSWER would be, not to have population control -but just to start a campaign to change attitudes about it.  3's the limit!  2 in, 2 out is good, but 3 is OK because not every child would reproduce, and catastrophies could reduce excesses.

Sorry for the rant people - felt good though.


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