this is fairly significant folks.  as a constituency we are being ignored. most of us want some pretty basic things but politicians don't cater to us.  by some accounts non-believers carried the day for Obama this past November.  

what would most of us want?  here are my most basic requests:

1.  federal ban on creationism

2.  prayer and religious ornaments banned from public grounds

3.  legal abortion (i know it's legal, but it needs to be way more legal in some states)

4.  legal weed (i know it's not universal but i have a feeling it's close)

5.  end of abstinence only sex ed

6.  pentacostals all put in loony bins

ok, i can compromise on #6.  

feel free to add what i missed.  

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Daniel, I agree, "I do hope you don't plan to institute your plan any time soon. My world is better because you (Spud) are here." and you, too, Daniel.

 I also like the idea of a new thread. 

Thanks Sentient and Joan.  No worries.  No time soon.  You guys, Godless in the Garden, and working in my garden have improved my outlook on life.

I'm not up for discussing this topic more at this time, but if I am in the future, I will take it to a new thread.

SB and Tom, agree with your additions whole heartedly.  i don't know how i forgot those.  

Great discussion you started Matt!!!! ~ Mel

thanks Mel.  i was excited to see the news.  non-believers are a bigger voting block than african americans and no one pays us any mind.  time for us to have a seat at the table!

Sapient Sentient....

You haven't missed any point bu I would not insist on banning creationism. It has already lost several legal battles. I feel Americans are paying a lot of lip service to creationism for religious reasons but almost all of them want their children to learn evolution. Many people who supported creationism have lost elections, including Santorum.

I'd be careful about that.  Creationism post-Kitzmiller has already wormed its way into Tennessee and Louisiana, though with far vaguer language than was used in Pennsylvania.  Frankly, it deserves a ban in any publicly funded educational venue, as does the crap about "teaching the controversy."

The ONLY controversy is in the minds of the creationists, and they suffer so badly from Dunning-Kruger that it's ridiculous.

Good article, Matthew, thanks for posting it.  Have to say, though, the comment section just about spoiled my breakfast.

yeah, i saw them too.  comments sections rarely shock me anymore after spending considerable time over at Glen Becks' The Blaze.  

Odd. I didn't bother checking out the comments before you mentioned it, I just looked and all I can see are two comments from atheists responding to a "Connie" who's comment I can't see. Do they delete comments there?


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