this is fairly significant folks.  as a constituency we are being ignored. most of us want some pretty basic things but politicians don't cater to us.  by some accounts non-believers carried the day for Obama this past November.  

what would most of us want?  here are my most basic requests:

1.  federal ban on creationism

2.  prayer and religious ornaments banned from public grounds

3.  legal abortion (i know it's legal, but it needs to be way more legal in some states)

4.  legal weed (i know it's not universal but i have a feeling it's close)

5.  end of abstinence only sex ed

6.  pentacostals all put in loony bins

ok, i can compromise on #6.  

feel free to add what i missed.  

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Already changed my mind on that, Loren. :) (isn't not being dogmatic great)

Weed--mmm... No... While I agree that public opinion is shifting and it hink it's only a matter of time, there are still enough people who oppose it on non-religious grounds that I think it might be a bit divisive to make it a major atheist issue. I'd rather have a big tent that doesn't push everything I support than a small tent that does.

i hear ya, but the very nature of an Atheist party pretty much assumes a pretty small tent.  don't you think?

Lol. True enough, but no reason to make it smaller than it has to be. Of course if one did a study and found convincing evidence that most atheist/humanists supported the legalization of weed, I'd be totally in.

I kinda like ending the tax breaks for religious organizations. I think those tax breaks have a adverse effect on the local economy and it takes important revenues away from local cities. I would also like to see the legalization of weed. I dont think it will happen on the federal level but in the states it is making good progress.  President obama cant talk about or too atheist because he is too connected to the black church and he needs the support of the black church to keep and maintain his base. If he loses his base then he wont have a base to pass on to the democratic party when he leaves office in 2017. Who knows though he might be a atheist himself and no one knows. It would not be all that shocking.


all good suggestions so far.  keep them coming!

Emotionally, I agree with the tax breaks thing--heck, even their book says to "render unto caeser what is caeser's"--but, and I might be wrong since I haven't looked into it a lot, isn't there some separation of church and state reasons for it?

Chad, the goody two shoes Christians have long used that situation from the New Pesterment cited in Mathew and Mark where Pharisees and Herodians asked Jebus a dangerous question on taxing to mean there is a separation between church and state. (In Luke the questioners were said to be "spies.") Indeed, the church world at large says this means to "be a good boy and pay your taxes." (Christian apologetics is wonderful isn't it?)

Now let's look at it all again. Jebus reportedly says "render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and render unto god the things which are god's." It was a trick answer to a trick question. No self respecting Jew of that time believed that Caesar had a claim to anything!

So much for modern beliefs about Christianity!

I kinda like number 6, except we couldn't afford to pay for all those loony bins.

Have the loonies pray for manna from heaven to pay for the bins.  LOL.

When that doesn't work, make the loonies work.

On Number Six ... I don't know about pentacostals in loony bins ... but could we find a desert island somewhere and throw Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and the rest of their ilk THERE?!?  PLEASE???

Good idea Loren!  Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity...  It had better be a BIG island.

Don't forget Glen Beck.


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