Mike Huckabee addressed the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee and in attempt to shift sentiment in the war on women issue accused Democrats of believing that women cannot control their libido without the help of the government. His remarks are getting quite a bit of play on the internet.


This issue has deep roots for Republicans, going back to the 1965 decision of the Supreme Court that struck down Connecticutt's law against contraception. That law applied even to married couples and forbade the use of any kind of contraception. The Supreme Court voted it down 7-2. The principal reason was privacy—the law was viewed as an unconstitutional invasion of marital privacy.

The court's reasoning was subsequently used as the major justification for making abortion legal in Roe v. Wade, a decision which followed a few years later. Since then contraception has been linked in many conservative minds with abortion. 

I believe that just looking at Huckabee should help women control their libido, but listenting to him could stoke their anger. It is hard to see how this will help the GOP win new votes.

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The Supreme Court has issued an injunction relieving the Little Sisters of the Poor from the mandate while their case is being decided.


Remember that six members of the Supreme Court are Roman Catholics. Consequently the final decision is likely to go against the mandate.

If the Republican Party wants to survive its crazies, it needs a fast-track to citizenship (and voting rights) for a few more million of the world's old white men.


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