Obviously, you are not a happy person if you are an atheist and have to write about it on a cardboard box stuck in the back of your car. For the sake of anything you love, why don't you buy a Darwin fish or some type of catchy bumper sticker instead of putting some junk like that in the parking lot of a university? How embarrassing.

Do others concur?

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And to add, I don't usually judge people. I just thought it was so embarrassing and made other fellow atheists seem so desperate and petty. Oh well, it is their right to have the cardboard box sign obviously but I just think it makes the rest of us look bad.

Not stupid at all.

I think what we have going on here is easily answered by thinking about where this was seen -- a university parking lot.  It's almost certainly a student.  Probably one who just had an argument with a theist who said he couldn't be happy without God, and impulsively responded with whatever he/she had handy in the trunk of the car.  It's life on a shoestring for most students, an endearing combination of idealism and poverty.  I'm sure when he grows up and gets a job and 2.2 kids, he'll spring for the Darwin fish.


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