There are many ways to abuse people. I would like to see how many ways we atheists feel we have been abused by the religious people. If anything, we can use these stories to show what theists do to those who disagree with them.

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I wouldn't say I've been abused by any theists, but I have definitely been insulted. The main one that stands out to me is being told that I'm not really an atheist, I just think I am. The theist in this instance can not imagine how anyone could not believe in "God." He believes I'm just angry or confused, and he will not accept that I really know my own mind and have the capacity to envision a "world without god." I find it very insulting to my intelligence. I can take a cue from the biblical Jebus though and forgive him, because he clearly has no clue. ;-)

I totally agree with you Mike.  I just had a friend say to me that she has a gay friend who also 'claims' to not believe in 'god'.  wow.  See, in her eyes, if I would just get over my anger and doubt and see that there really is a god!  I guess I'm not smart enough to have come to my own logical conclusions.

We lived in a small town in Colorado some years back. A religious 'friend' of ours asked outright if we were atheist and we confirmed it. A few days later our landlord gave us six months to move out. No reason was given, but the timing was mighty suspicious.

Do you know if your landlord was religious?

We knew. He was continually inviting us to church and peppering his language with PTL references. Most non-religious folks don't do that.

Too bad you did't sue, you would've had a free house.

Maybe, but on a month-to-month rental we might not have had a serious base for a suit. Also, the prevailing local attitude was quite religious, and in the years since the Wal-Mart economy has dragged the town through ruin. I'm not sad for having been asked to leave.

I don't feel like I've been abused by a theist.

I live in a very religious country (South Africa) but usually I'm left alone, if anything I suppose I just put my point across quite well and leave them with nothing left to say except "I'm sure god created the big bang..."

A few days later our landlord gave us six months to move out. No reason was given, but the timing was mighty suspicious.


I've been hearing more of these kinds of stories in recent years.

Of course, it's all done in an underhand way. People suddenly, inexplicably, lose their jobs and homes.

I was quite taken aback when I read the poll that defined atheists as the 'least trusted' group in America.

In the past it was 'no blacks', 'no jews', 'no women', and now it's 'no atheists'.

There's some places it's still 'no blacks' and it makes me sad. I'm an amateur radio operator, and I get a chance to listen to some people talk as if they were having a private conversation. One night a few weeks ago I heard (40m band) two old-timers talking about how the only real thing in common between Obama and Cain should rule them both out of the White House, 'If You Know What I Mean'. I was disgusted. But the best way to combat such talk is to be open and honest about one's opinions, and often.

...and Women! Don't get me started... (son of a True Feminist, I am, and well raised)


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