How do you respond to: "Are you against religion?", "Are you against Christmas?"

I was asked by an Xtian if I decorated for Christmas.

When I answered "NO" - I got the questions I have heard before.

"Are you against Religion? Are you against Christmas."

(Religion is bad - so yes I am against religion)

Any of you here get these same questions? 

How do you handle them?

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I'm amazed - I've never seen anything in the American Stinker that had an ounce of common sense or value to it, yet I didn't find that article to be offensive at all.  Pinch me.

I've heard the Native Americans had parties where they gave away all their possessions to their neighbors. 

The "commercialism" of Christmas is somewhat in the same spirit; it's a time when people are encouraged to think of others' needs and to spend money for them.  Not a bad thing!  I'm skeptical about the Stinker's approbation of the practice of commerce as such.  But a common "giving spirit" is needed much more often.

I've never been much in the habit of giving presents, especially not for predetermined occasions when Everybody Does.  I'm too rebellious for that. 

Those are potlatches and were celebrated by the indigenous peoples in the Pacific Northwest. The US government quashed those with fervor in the 18th and 19th centuries.

That really was a good article Patrick.  I saved it! Thanks. ~ Melinda

It really hurts to see a family member pick up on this religious B.S.  My sister has an I.Q. in the upper triple digits and is gifted in mathematics.  I didn't know how deep into this Fricken B.S. until she told my mother,  who is 72 and ill, that she didn't believe that she would see my mother in heaven!! ( I am crying as I type this). It also is hard to believe that I despise my own sister, but I can"t help it!!  I detest all religions so much that I could write a book without one thing good to say!! AND THAT IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT religion!!!!!

I agree Joseph.  I'm sorry your Mom got hurt by your sister over this too!~ Melinda

Melinda Thank You!  It feels good to let off some steam.  My sister used to make fun of religion.  Our next door neighbors were members of the ptl club(Jim and Tammy Fa Baker).  They purchased a plot of land in the theme park.  The same plot was also sold to other people!  They invested 7000 dollars and believed that they were still innocent.  My sister and I went next door, but before we went, my mother told us not to say anything about losing money.  When we went next door to visit, I couldn't resist!  I said, since you like throwing money away, next time, just give it to me!!!  Ha,Ha,Ha!!!!

I hear you, I grew up in a household where religion was not that important.. went to church a few times a year and such, but that was about it.  For some reason, in the past 10 years or so, while I was going further and further away from believing any kind of dogma, my mom and now my sister are going the other way, both re-post stuff from something called "godvine" on facebook, etc.  It is very odd to have someone in the family go in that direction.

The god-people have been increasingly assertive in American culture. There are places in the U.S. now -- like the town where I live now -- where Christian culture predominates and actively suppresses all other belief systems or worldviews. In some environments, one can come to feel like "resistance is fultile."

Joseph, that's funny about your neighbors and what you said to them! lol!  I wonder what went through their minds when the PTL Club and Jim and Tammy Faye turned out to be not so 'xtian' ?

A high IQ is often evidence that one is good at IQ tests, it isn't evidence that you are 'smart' or nice. 

I vaguely remember a short story about a man who acquires the ability of total recall, and uses it to find patterns in vague hints of people's behavior and gain advantage in business -- to a point, until he makes a complete jerk of himself. The increase in one type of "intelligence" did not come with any increase in emotional or social intelligence.

Any idea what the story is, or who wrote it?


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