I'm underwhelmed with Obama and nauseated by Romney.

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You are right on the money, jay. I've turned blue in the face trying to explain this to people. Most of the people I know voting for Obama or Romney don't even like them, but are convinced that they're the only "real" choices. They're miserable.

We've forgotten that voting should be a form of self-expression. I vote to express myself, not to pick the winning horse.

I trust Obama and I wanna hit Romney in the .... with his binder of women.  I wish we could do something to outlaw/stop deceptive ads by all candidates and fine them for perpetuating the lies and twists. I would love more caught on camera moments of the candidates like the one about the 47% of Romney.  I am so tried of the mailers and commercials living here in Virginia. It is all just BS. I would love to see them forbidden from talking about each other and only allowed to talk about themselves. PLUS have a cap on how much they can get to run a campaign and where they can get the money from.  

Major article on CNN on Obama's 'spiritual transformation' (evangelical). Apparently he reads scripture every morning, prays before events, and has totally joined the borg.

So we have a choice of two buffoons that seriously rely on imaginary flimflam to make decisions. Not good.

Part of the problem with Obama is that in some very important ways, he's behaving just like, or worse than Bush. This link discusses some of those issues.


I have become deeply cynical of the 'anti war' movement, which apparently was merely 'anti republican'. Once a Democrat is in office, what happened to the protests? (yes I know there are principled people still speaking out... but the mass movement evaporated)


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