I have a particular reason for asking and will share it if I get some responses. Thanks in advance.

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Hello folks, thanks for sharing. I would like to say I agree with all of you, but there are three ideas I would like to consider further.


One is conveyed by what Pop Rock Girl said; "ignoring contrary evidence".


The second is by Nerdlass when she said; "Like other words in our lexicon, it can have layered meanings, of which the main definition will vary according to context." I think she means the word religion is ambiguous.


The third is by George when he said; "Religion may also be secular, that is, lacking in deities and other supernatural beliefs."


The reason I ask is to see if your definitions could be applied to Philosophy. I do not know if it does, but if you are so inclined, you can decide for yourself.

Various fairy tales for adults taken very seriously Beware..


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