How do you answer the argument that god exists from the supposed perfection of the universe?

I was just talking to my otherwise very smart, even brilliant friend (you've all heard this story before) and the first argument he gives me for why he believes in god (and is a Christian no less) is that he just couldn't believe that something so perfect as all this could exist without a god to create it. I took up the argument on other points, but I was wondering how y'all like to counter this bit of nonsense.

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That people believe in gods despite no evidence for, and all evidence against,  is one of the mysterious, awesome, wonderessness things of the universe.  It is these mysteries and sheer awesomeness and wonder that lead us to believe in gods.


OH, wait.....


Breathing, eating and talking through ONE PIPE.  Invitation to malfunction!

So well stated we functions but we are far from been well put together by a higher power. Now if you told me that power was massively retarded then maybe I would give some ground.

Religion made by Scam artist for retarded believers. 

When I say or write "Retarded" I do not imply low IQ or someone born with brain disfunction. 

thats how....

Pretty good response. I haven't been particularly impressed with many of the responses so far, but this one is pretty decent, thanks.


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