When a high school atheist---Damon Fowler in Louisiana---wanted to stop prayer at his graduation (because it is not, after all, constitutional), he was harassed, ostracised, demeaned, pilloried, threatened; and his spiteful parents kicked him out of the house. 

Helpfully, the atheist community stepped in.

Read the detailed article by Greta Christina at

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This happens because the sheeple love to have a pariah to victimize. It's the American way to loathe the "odd man out", no matter what the subject is but especially religion.
Is anyone really surprised? America in theory is wonderful. America in practice over the last few hundred years has been exactly this type of thing for various groups.
Thanks for this!
I sometimes say that not only did god give his followers the ten commandments, he gave them the loophole they need to break nine of them.
Apparently this is pretty common in certain parts of the US.
Glad to know he is living with his brother and will be going to college. Just shows that atheists are often more compassionate and forgiving than the idiots who blather about Jesus all day long.
when are they just going to stop lying and wear hilter patches or some crap
or the word 'gay people' with a red x over it. then we'd know ahead of time instead of
"hey I thought you were cool until you told me to pray" what a damn shame indeed
heck, 'nonbelievers' are mystical smarty pants demons and devils incarnate I'm sure in the eyes of the many different cultures/races of jesus capitalists


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