The Dawkins scale:

I am a 6 but for the Abrahamic god I am a 7,

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I have multiple personalities

And so do I.

And me too.

And so do we.

But I don't!

Yes you do.


lol Loren


I'm a twelve on the atheists scale.


I don't and won't and refuse to believe.  If there were a god like the one the bible depicits that would have to be the biggest,meanest,most egomaniacal,asshole,ever made and I want no part of him.

Grinning Cat, I've never heard of bicameralism before and I just read the Wikipedia link you provided.  That is one of the most fascinating topics I've read in a long time.  Thanks for introducing the topic to me.  

7 out of ten children have imaginary friends, astonishingly, 9 out of ten adults do as well...

Seven, with a dose of antitheist to boot.


But when to comes flying pink unicorns spitting gold coins out of their nostrils filling the pots of leprechauns who stand on their head, I'm a 6.9. That, at least, makes more sense than all the holy revelations I've ever read. 

I would have to rate myself a 7 on the scale, because in my own mind I am certain and convinced that there is no God of any kind, whether monotheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, or deistic. I'm not saying that I am necessarily correct in my view, only that I am convinced of it in my own mind.

I am what can be called an explicit, or critical, atheist, which simply means that I am outspoken in my unbelief, and skeptically critical of all God claims.

Well I totally agree with you Tony.  I am the same.

Shouldn't there be an 8, for "The concept of "God" is self-contradictory, so the question isn't valid."

Even Dawkins claims he is like a 6 and I would like to claim I'm a 7 but someone would ask me to "prove it." I want to remain a 7 but since I cannot prove it, I must be a very strong 6.


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