Botswana drags itself into the 21st century with it's own newspaper (!)

Homosexuality: A disgraceful practice!

I wish to express my views on homosexuality since the issue has enjoyed media coverage for some time now.

Wasp Mannathoko
MA Student, UB

Personally, I strongly believe that a society's sexual norms (standards of sexual conduct) are linked to religious beliefs. However, social and environmental conditions are secondary factors, which may also contribute to one's sexual orientation. For example, in prison, boarding schools, military and others, but they are not the actual or real determinants of one's sexuality. Due to peoples lustful desires, they cannot wait until the situation to be normal in order for them to be in an accepted sexual relationship. On top of that, rationality shapes morality and it has a lot of bearing on human behaviour. I do not believe that there is a society that can exist without religion and I have never heard of any. If we all agree that religion is a source of morality, then lets appeal to religions to help appreciate and acknowledge human sexuality so that we reach a consensus on the issue of homosexuality.

The author also has a sensitive and compassionate side -

It is not a new thing to kill homosexuals and I am not saying it is right to kill them, but rather, be taught to control their bodies and be re-integrated into morally upright society. The fact that they are homosexuals does not mean that they should be killed or mistreated somehow. We are not a homophobic society. Homosexuals need to be helped to acquire proper morals and not oppose Mother Nature.

But, fags are caused by Satanism and Human Rights, and fags are really no different to cannibals -

People must break their cocoons and realise that Satanism presents itself in different forms such as homosexuality, prostitution, gambling, adultery, child slavery, human trafficking, mayhem, pornography and many other immoral acts. I won't be shocked to hear that there are Cannibalism Movements. Like homosexuals, cannibals may also claim that they have been robbed and marginalised for centuries by majority from preying on other human beings since they have the right to choose what they eat and love most. They may also claim that cannibalism is genetic, biological and is determined by hormones. All these immoral acts manifest themselves in the name of Human Rights. Therefore, we must scrutinise these human rights organisations and movements such as Prevention Research and Initiative for Sexual Minorities (PRISM) and Lesbians Gays Bisexual of Botswana Organisation (LEGABIBO). Homosexual should aware that democracy is the oppression of minority. Nowadays whatever brings food on the table is neither right nor wrong no matter how immoral that can be. I have problems with these organisations because they are using people as a means to an end. Where do these organisations get money and who sponsor them? They are opportunists who want to take advantage of any loophole they see and they use homosexuals to make money out of them by pretending to speak on their behalf. The fact of the matter is they are making fun and a living out of it.

All of this is true because he's read Kant -

People must take their gender seriously and stop abusing their body parts. We all know pretty well how male and female sexual organs are used and intended for rather than what homosexuals are doing. Human beings abuse their bodies through two kinds of vices, being bestial and satanic or demonic. Bestial vices relegate human beings below the level of animals and this includes gluttony, drunkenness and crimes against nature. Satanic vices involve envy, ingratitude and malice. Kant (1963) argues that "a man who has destroyed and cast away his personality has no intrinsic worth and can no longer perform any manner of duty". This means that we cannot expect anything from a person who dishonours his own person. They cannot reproduce nor teach morality.

Of course, you can blame globalisation for all this -

To my surprise, for most Batswana youth, globalisation is swallowing and galloping all what is American or foreign.It is an 'in thing' to be a homosexual since it is believed to show that one is civilised, understanding, educated, modern, updated, enjoying life to the fullest, exercising ones rights and freedoms, fashionable, sexy, hot and romantic. One becomes a clown, laughing stock or disgusting, primitive, barbaric, idiotic, discriminatory, bias, oppressor, backward and uncivilised if you do not explore and indulge in immoral acts or shun homosexuality.

This is gold. You can't make stuff like this up.

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It's a hard film, but very good. Has a happy ending, if that helps.

Another one set in Afghanistan, and hard, but good is "Osama". It's about a young girl and her mother under the Taliban. Not a happy ending.

I think pedophilia is pedophilia, no matter who does it, or who it's acted upon.


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