I feel uncomfortable about the home schooling craze going on in the U.S. a' la Michelle Bachmann and the tea party conservatives and libertarians.  Bachmann's appeal is worrying me as it is. I would like to educate myself on the issue because I have a gut feeling that home schooling is pro-Christian and anti-secular in nature.  And I just can't see how a child can get a well-rounded education in that sort of setting.  Am I being paranoid?  Are these home-schooled children able to enter public college universities or are they cloistering in religious universities? Are there any good books/resources about this subject out there?

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I home school my 3 kids......  It's hard to know if it's the best for them - as I don't have the other to compare too - my eldest doesn't want to go to school.  With the Internet these days they have more access to education.  Libraries are good to.  I don't think that home education is the problem - home educated kids are generally better academically and have a better attitude in higher education with less drop out rates - you can reason through why that might be the case.  There are religious reasons why people home educate.  I think sheltering children from our reality isn't useful, because as adults they will need to have developed skills to deal with life out there and will be vulnerable if they have been sheltered from it....

yeah well; they can pray all day at school and pay tuition only in tithe; seems it's double profit from the ceo's that program and corrupt the youth and the denominations they support (tax free land; how nice) see...
people may think it's 'values' prayer etc.. but in the end it's corporate manipulation of the schooling/education system in the USA by foreign 'we know it all's' do the math. people done been reprogramed; they see some pastor/preachers HUGE land and freedoms to do as they please in third world nations and want the same for here; it's a trend that won't last; we have our rights.

further and more twisted more
Jeb Bush is a son of a bitch that messed up the school/scenes etc. in Florida.
Fundamentalist racist fool class warfare types should just move to Pakistan and call us in the morning LOL
sigh sigh

why why

as for the reverse racism and violence on campuses; 1st blame corruption then corporatoins/coca cola in hallways hello.../ economy = stressed parents = stressed divided youth to the chugh ching of privatized bs pushers... basically it's not because of the system (hijacked by sky daddy) per say but...

a more modern day culture influence that is outlawed? hrmmm...
arts, music, community; are those signs of the devil? seems to be in fundy sky daddy land w/corporate sugar on top; while the world turns...

guess the way things are going in privatized to the ground minnesota you'll have no choice but teach your kids yourself? conslavatives bite the big one!


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