I just finished watching "Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution: Vol. 1" and I feel dumber-er-ish-esque.  If you have Netflix and are interested in dying a little inside it's available on instant.  The best part was when they introduced the apologist (Jobe Martin) and made a huge deal about his title of Doctor...of fucking dentistry, and they have this guy on there talking about evolution.  He's a damn dentist, not an evolutionary biologist.  I don't get it.  I mean, based on that theory if I read a few passages from the Bible (Torah, Qur'an, etc.) I would be an accredited theologian.  I think my favorite part though was in the beginning when he stated something to the extent of when nonbelievers see evidence of creation in biology they choose to disregard it because it hurts their cause, challenges their beliefs, blah, blah, blah (he was talking about how it isn't always possible to look at a trait and immedately identify how it is beneficial or how it may have evolved).  Talk about God of the Gaps, if I can't explain it then it is clearly an act of God.  What an ass.

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Let me guess. You were bored and have netflix? I saw that too, but I resisted. They also have Expelled: no intelligence allowed on streaming.


I just don't get it. Why do these people need to feel like martyrs so much?!(actually I do get it but I am too tired to think)


And I just notice you said Netflix. Sorry for the brain fart....

Yeah, I've seen Expelled, it was hilarious; I mean you want to talk about a stretch of the imagination/flawed logic.  Hitler read Darwin's On the Origin of Species and became a Nazi...Wait, what?  I get so irritated now when I see those Comcast and Clear Eyes commercials.  The whole argument behind Intelligent Design is so stupid, even if you consider the idea that there is an intelligent creator you still can't teach more than say fifteen minutes in a public school (in the U.S.).  What can you say other than some people believe that everything was created by an Intelligent Being and not by the process of evolution.  Anything more would be religion, you can't bring God into it, you can't bring any sort of creation myth into it.
I almost watched it to, maybe later on when I'm cleaning I'll put it on for a good laugh.

You are very brave.  I've seen it listed (as well as Dragons and Dinosaurs, Expelled, The Case for Christ and others) but haven't been willing to crowd out brain space with nonsense.  I do like having knowledge of why Creationists think the way they do, what their arguments are and how they try to use a sort of pseudoscience to explain themselves.  I just keep putting this one and the others off....


I have seen Unborn in the USA and Jesus Camp.  They gave me shivers.  On a different but similar note,  everyone must see Fallen from Grace, the Fred Phelps story.  You'll want to send the authorities over to his church and rescue the brainwashed and ideologically abused children.  It's homophobia on a level I never, ever would have thought possible.

I've tried The Case for Christ and I've seen The Case for Faith.  They led me to one conclusion, Lee Strobel is a lying moron.


I loved Jesus Camp, Hell House was alright, and I have since seen all three of the Incredible Creatures movies (if you don't enjoy the first one even slightly don't bother with any of the others they only go downhill from there.)  Fallen from Grace just made me sad for Fred and the rest of his family, a man with that much hate in his heart saddens me.  His life must be completely miserable.


Thanks for Dragons or Dinosaurs and Unborn in the USA, I'll have to watch them as soon as I get the chance.


P.S. if you haven't seen Religulious do it ASAP, it's hilarious, not very thought provoking though.

Also if you do watch the Incredible Creatures vol. 1, look up the woodpecker he talks about fairly shortly after.  I couldn't find anything about it like he said, all I could find was that the tongue retracts back behind the brain in a specialized cavity, not around the brain and out the nose.  I want to meet him so I can heckle him.

Je pense que le titre du montrent est indicatif du contenu que vous décrivez.


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