Today I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. As much as I hate the discomfort, indignity, invasion of personal space, and 40+ years now Ive been nagged about flossing..,

The whole time, she was singing o little town of bethlehem and little drummer boy and what child is this? Jesus H Christ! Then leaving I stopped at the grocery store next door. That goddam bell ringing - what did they do, a study to dicsover the most grating sound in the universe? Then the grocery store with the worst christmas songs ever - The Carpenters meet Barry Maniloe or something!

All I could envision was Marlin Brando in Apocolypse Now.... The horror! The horror!

When will it all end? Arrrrggghhhh!!!

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I keep wanting to change "What Child is This" to "Whose Child is This".  But someone else already did it. I can actually tolerate this verson.



I remember the first time I heard those damn bells this year. I was out running errands, minding my own business, when off in the distance...ring ring ring ring ring ring ring. NOOOOOO!

It called for a trip to the liquor store. ;)

She was SINGING?!?! I don't think I'd ever go back! That was mean of Loren to make you look up the Michael Bolton commercial! ;)

Hmph!  That's right, blame me!  Like I held a gun to his head, eh?  Harrumph-harrumph-harrumph! [wry chuckle!]

There's a whole Michael Bolton Christmas album, if you are so inclined.  Come on....  I know you want it!  :-)

Ummm ... in two words:


Ha ha ha, Thank to my mother who got rubella measle in 1964 and I born deaf.  So my deaf are a big benefit for me because I can't hear that crap song. 

I have a life like you,  I wish I can hear Beyonce 's songs  but enjoy to watch  her dances and read her  closed captioning on her music video. 

My husband's deaf grandparents used to dance by feeling the beat in the floor. We always made sure the music was loud enough to for them to feel it. 

sflmac, at least we know that your deafness was caused by your mother getting sick while she was pregnant rather than thinking some "god" had a plan for you!

Funny response!  Thank you!

Can you feel percussion?  Sometimes I like turning up the volume on the Kodo drummers and just feel it.  Plus they are so awesome and beautiful to watch.

Love this style of drumming Daniel!!! Not to mention fun to watch as well.

Horror is right.  All evening,every channel, has had some country singer singing a xmas carol that, just this instant, left my brain.  Hurray!!!  I turned the tv off hours ago.


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