Hitler: Unmistakably killer backed by evolution [Examiner.com]

The Examiner seems like it wants to flush itself down the toilet like HuffPo.

Hitler: Unmistakably killer backed by evolution

Calvinism ExaminerJames Hale

There are atheists who would like to deny that Hitler was an evolutionist. One can understand this when one considers the horrifying record Hitler had in the genocide of masses of people. In the past, both Christians and leading atheists are in agreement regarding this fact of Nazi and evolutionist marriage.

Nice double insult to start - atheists like living in denial and evolutionists are like Hitler. Bam, bam. It's a downhill slide from there. Note the selection of accompanying image. He continues -

Today, some wish to deny this truth. Many are rather puzzled by those that deny this marriage when it is clearly true. For years writers have said that Nazi ideology used science for their crimes.  Best selling atheist writer Richard Dawkins does not run from this truth. Dawkins is an atheist darling of sorts that is quoted by many atheists today.

Dawkins said -

    “What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right? I,mean, that is a genuinely difficult question.”   (by Faith,  December 2007)

While this may be shocking to hear to not only in the Jewish community, but Christians also, who unlike Dawkins, have no trouble in identifying evil in Hitler, it is something top evolutionists say with no shame.

Oh bravo, he's convinced me. We're all Nazis. What follows is a deranged hotch-potch of selective quotations from Stephen Gould, Mengele's biographers and Mein Kampf; and not a single shred of substantiative followup commentary.

Does the Examiner ever have editorial standards ? If they do, where are they? How can this type of mindless propaganda - because it is raw, mindless propaganda - be allowed to see the light of day on what claims to be a credible content provider ?

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examiner.com is meant to be a credible content provider? I've always thought of it as a glorified opinion site (read blog-host) masquerading as a news outlet.
Ok, wannabe credible content provider.
Yeah, I read this and didn't know whether to laugh or puke. Same with his article on how atheism leads to paganism. He pulled it all out of his ass. Reminds me of Kent Hovind's thesis.
I'm always amazed at the credibility this kind of issue gets. There is nothing significant about Hitler being an evolutionist except that it showed he had some intellectual reasoning. He was also a catholic, which is pretty much in conflict with evolution, especially back when the faithful hadn't had time to integrate microevolution into their scheme of things. So ultimately he was a politician who picked what reasoning he wanted to appeal to the masses, while still pursuing his own agenda. What a novel concept!!!

The thing I view with most incredulity is the idea that science is some sort of belief system and that it stands as an alternative to religion. If it wasn't for science any christian in the developed world wouldn't even get to work each day. Does that make them evil or antireligious while they clean their teeth, shower, put machine manufactured clothes on and use public transport getting to work?

The article says "For years writers have said that Nazi ideology used science for their crimes". So bleeding WHAT!!? Is the science of Newtonian physics the true villain behind someone being pushed off a bridge?

I won't even get started on the correlation of atheism and any lack of morals/ethics. (sigh)
...and to think that I am an equaintance of Gravitists! : (
I think its true and I think Richard Nixon was one too!!
Catholics support the theory of evolution.
Only micro-evolution, as far as I'm aware. They still believe humans were made in god's image and each individual species was made essentially as it is, but with slight adjustment according to it's environment.
No, Catholics believe in macro-evolution too. In fact, the two previous popes and the current one issued statements that the theory of evolution is no longer a mere hypothesis. In other words, the highest authority in the Catholic Church accepts evolution.

All of which is rather off-topic though, considering Hitler was not a Catholic; he was simply a creationist theist, maybe a sort of nominal Christian at the most.
Mmm, sort of more complicated than that, Matt. Hitler was certainly raised Catholic, and certainly used the Catholic church and protestant churches in Germany to pursue his agenda. I suspect by the end, he was pretty much his own god, but it's always been a slander against atheists that Hitler was atheist. He certainly wasn't when he was rising to power and setting everything in motion.

But yes, the two recent popes have embraced evolution as God's way of producing humans. I believe they're still a bit fuzzy on the precise moment when the first humans were "ensouled", but then, the less they say about that, the better it probably is for them.
Dannyisme, I'm unconvinced that Hitler's relationship with religion was really quite so simple. From an article in Free Inquiry:

Hitler seeking power, wrote in Mein Kampf, "... I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off the Jews. I am doing the Lord's work." Years later, when in power, he quoted those same words in a Reichstag speech in 1938.

Three years later he informed General Gerhart Engel: "I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so."

We can quote-mine the guy all day long, but I'm pretty sure that neither "Hitler was an atheist" nor "Hitler was a Catholic" are entirely true statements. Well, except that Hitler certainly was a Catholic in his younger days, and at least pretended to be in his later days. But I still don't buy that he was an atheist, even at the end. All your quotes show is that he didn't like the institution of the church, ie, organized religion. Of course, that just makes sense, because he wanted the state to be the religion of the people, and the organized church represented a threat to that plan.

The bottom line is we're talking about a dictator who routinely manipulated information on a massive scale in order to steer the population where he wanted it to go. I doubt we'll ever cut thru the propaganda fog completely.

Also from your comment on the other thread, I don't see how 5% non-Christian counts as a "high number".
As I see it, we need to differentiate between what Hitler says in private and what he says in public. Yes, Hitler certainly pretended to be a Christian in public, but that really is not saying much. That's why you really need to discard just about every public statement (whether it be in Mein Kampf or other speeches) he made about religion as potentially false.
You need to look at what he says in private to his friends: even there he seems to have been a demagogue though; making anti-Christian statements to some of his non-Christian friends (like Bormann) and pro-Christian statements to some of his Christian friends. This seems to indicate that even in private he used his Christian belief as little more than a tool.

However, as hard as you search in either public or private statements, you cannot find a statement where Hitler ever says God does not exist, or the providence does not exist, or the Creator does not exist. That's why I maintain that he was at least a theist, and probably a creationist one (if you look at the basis for his racial ideology).


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