High School Atheist is being discriminated against for getting rid of prayer at graduation

I challenge you all to read the article, register, and comment in support of what is right and legal.

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Oh yes, I did.
I left a comment, but for me, that site is very slow. I was unable to read the other comments because they wouldn't load, and not sure if my comment was posted. I'm embarassed about their take on the situation, because i live in LA. They believe in majority rule, i guess.

It seems this story is spreading fast. 
Bastrop High School sort of rubbed it Damon's face on Senior class night > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaD8iQFaw7I 


Well, i just found another one, it seems they prayed anyway at graduation > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYLpZIv8xFY  found this on reddit searching "Damon Fowler"

Yikes, the youtube vid was posted may 20, and has 28,624 views. They disabled the comments because they were overwhelmingly against the girl praying. I saw that "ffrf" has the latest podcast with a student who spoke out about prayer at graduation; it may be the same guy. I don't have time to listen now. I think bastrop high stepped in it, big time.

But Caroline, these non-thinkers truly believe that it is a FACT that there is a 'god' and that Atheists just don't believe in 'him'. lol.  I hate when people say "You don't believe in God"?, I say "I don't believe there is such a thing to believe in".  Just like my idiot neighbor asked me if I 'believe' in abortion.  Hunh?  Yes, there is such a thing as abortion, it's true, people have them, so I believe in it. lol.  My neighbor wouldn't understand that if I explained it to her a million times.  I don't know where I got this, but someone said "I can Explain it to you, I just can't Understand it for you"!  I love it.  I liked your rant by the way!

I don't like the poll. The "I Agree" choice is accompanied with the following qualifier: "Nothing should be done to offend anyone regardless of their beliefs."


The "journalist" is blatantly skewing his "poll" results.

Realy. I had the same problem w their poll myself. I went ahead and checked that I agreed, as that was the only option that supported the atheists girls position. But I cringed a bit when doing it as I agree, but for reasons totaly different from that I do not want to offend anyone.

When I graduated high school, most people could wait until it was over to get their drink on. They didn't care about praying.     I have attended three graduation ceremonies as a graduate (1 hs, 2 college) and never prayed at any of them formally - except for maybe the last one because it was so hot and so long and the President of the University would not shut up and hand out the diplomas. 


Since graduation is almost entirely planned by the faculty and staff, I doubt any student had much to do with it. It doesn't matter if he planned the whole thing, it was not their right to force religion on him.  Next time, I hope a Muslim student forces them to all fall on the ground and face east.  See how they like it.


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