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Hi I'm Katie and I am sooo excited to see that there is an actual site like this. I'm from a small town and have never actually meet another atheist so I feel so much less alone knowing there are so many other people out there like me.

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Another Ohio atheist here, I live in Lima. I had always thought I was alone until I discovered atheist organizations on the internet. It was such a great feeling to discover an online community that offered support and discussion. I have since found others in my area who feel the same way, and my sister has joined the ranks. Can't say I'm much of an activist, but I try to get the message out that those who don't believe in gods are not alone in the world.

Welcome, and enjoy your time here!
I'm so happy to see other ohioans on here. I feel a whole lot less pressure to be theist seeing so many others out there thinking rationally with pride. =)
Welcome aboard Katt!! We are glad to have you and I am certain you will find something that interests you here. Always happy to see new people.
Welcome Katie.
Hi, I'm new to this site as well. I've never met another atheist offline either, but you certainly aren't alone. AN is a great community from what I can tell based on my limited experience here. Glad to have you here!
Welcome Katie.

I haven't seen anyone else mention this so I thought I'd caution you against using your real name, if that is your real name. Google makes it remarkably easy to find anything you post online so it's something to consider.
Assuming you are worried about someone knowing you are an atheist.
That goes without saying.

It isn't the people that I already know which I care about but the people I don't yet know, like future employers. When you say something online you have to assume that it is there, for the world to read, forever.
so that aint your real name!? :D
No, it isn't my real name but I find that it works well enough. I haven't met another person here with the same name.
I kinda guessed from the beginning that Tom Thompson was a fake name, haha...though if it was real, that would be pretty epic. As for me, I'm not really afraid of anyone seeing what I've said online...I'm pretty "in your face" and would probably have a hard time not saying the same thing in person anyway, haha.

And I would certainly not hide the fact that I was an atheist to get/keep a job, unless of course, I had no other options.


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